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We personalize every bachelor party package to what you want, from hotels to night clubs and strip clubs. Here are some popular Montreal bachelor party packages based on 8 people for 2 nights:



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2 nights all taxes and tips included (We offer packages for ANY group size) : .

Why Us for the Best Montreal bachelor party?

So you probably want to know why we started another Bachelor/VIP service, aren’t there enough of them already?

We started our own company because we have been on the front lines of the nightlife industry for the past 7 years and have seen a shift from concise personal service where the customers well-being is the greatest concern to a volume business where companies will over-stretch their capabilities and offer marginal service with bigger markups.

The nightlife industry is an ever-changing business with clubs/restaurants/strip clubs coming and going on a weekly to monthly basis. If you don’t have your ear to the streets and the right connections then it is easy to get things wrong. We pride ourselves on being independent and not making deals with clubs that lock us into sending our clients to venues that we know won’t be acceptable. We don’t consider our customers “clients”, we consider them friends, and we take pride in treating them like it. We have made countless friends over the years and value not only their business, but also their shared experiences.


When our crew decided to have a bachelor party in Montreal, I knew that we didn’t want to be on our own for planning. After looking at all the websites for Montreal party planning, the one that stood out was Connected Montreal, because I could tell from their design, their sample itinerary and their options that they already knew what we were looking for. You could just feel that we’d be rolling in style.

Oren was the man making suggestions and getting the schedule booked with clubs, girls, restaurants, so while we started with the Well Connected plan, we quickly added on some ‘can’t-miss’ ideas like Naked Sushi, the private shows, Legs-n-Eggs, and even more bottle service, because it all just seemed too good to pass up for a great value. After all, we wanted it to be bachelor party to remember. Even when we had a pre-arrival the week beforehand, Oren was able to take care of it like a champ.

Once we got there, Rod was making sure that we got everything we needed and more; always hooked us up, as advertised, and an outstanding host. He was there for every spot from check-in to the end of the night, ensuring that we had our alcohol, our VIP treatment, access to everywhere, and that everyone was treating us like All-Stars, whether at Mikasa, Globe, Kamasutra, or the hotel room. It was exactly what we wanted and what we needed.

Good hotel location at the Sheraton, Great locales, highly accommodating owners and managers, friendly girls, quality drinks, and good times. These guys at Connected Montreal provided us an amazing experience, and for a very reasonable price. We will be using them again in the future.
Steve M. NYC
Last month my best man and six of my buddies from Boston flew up to Montreal on a Thursday night for a weekend completely organized by Connected Montreal We had all been to Montreal before, and we'd all had a great time which is why my bachelor party was happening in the same place. What none of us knew was that this trip was going to be much, much better than any other we'd had. We didn't have the local knowledge or the connections that they had and used to plan three nights of partying. My bachelor party was amazing and I'm looking for another reason to call Connected Montreal for next year!
Alex G. - Boston
I wanted to thank you for taking the hassel out of planning a great trip with the guys up to Montreal! Being in the nightlife industry here in Atlantic City, I know what's here, but I didn't know what was good in Montreal. You made the experience above and beyond what I expected! Thank you so much for your help, and I can't wait to come back :)
Tony P, NJ