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The Worst Value For Your Bachelor Party In Montreal

There are things you can do to enhance your bachelor party…or make it awful. We’ve been planning bachelor parties for far too long so we know what works and what doesn’t. Following up on our post about the best value for your bachelor party, here is the WORST value for your bachelor party in Montreal.

Stack The Day Too Heavy

You guys are a bachelor party, not a school group. There is no reason to plan out every second of the day especially if you go out the night before. You should leave most of your day unplanned. Don’t fill your day with activities that will drain you and leave you tired before going out at night. At most, do one daytime activity such as axe throwing or white water rafting. You’ll thank us later.

Worst Value Bachelor Party


Limos might have been cool for your senior prom, but not now. Montreal is pretty small and if you stay here, you’ll be set. All of the best bars, clubs, and restaurants will be within walking distance. If, for some reason, you need to go somewhere further, pile everyone into an Uber. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Worst Value Bachelor Party

Not Getting Bottle Service   

If you’re not getting bottle service, you might as well not go clubbing. Not getting bottle service is one of the biggest mistakes you can make for your bachelor party.  No matter the size of your bachelor party, having a table is essential. Unlike most cities (Looking at you, Vegas), getting bottle service in Montreal is cost effective. If you don’t get bottle service, you’ll have to fight with everyone else to get to the bar, wait for a drink, and lose your group. Beyond cost, getting bottle service allows for your group to be seen and have a piece of prime real estate in the club. Don’t be an idiot, get bottle service (LINK TO PACKAGES).

Bottle Value Bachelor Party

Going To Schwartz’s

Trying smoked meat in Montreal is a must, but standing in line for 2 hours is a terrible waste of time. There is always a massive line at Schwartz’s and cramming 10 guys in there is nearly impossible. The better option is to get Brisket and Breasts, where you get Schwartz’s smoked meat delivered straight to you piping hot served fresh by topless girls. We have yet to have a disappointed customer.

Schwartz's Worst Value Bachelor Party


Posted on: 30 May 2018
Posted by: Grant Simon
Strategies For A Large Bachelor Party

If you are coming to Montreal and you are 10 or more guys, you are considered a large bachelor party. Everyone has different ideas about what they want to see and do. It is easy to see how the weekend can get messy for all the wrong reasons. Here are four proven strategies for a large bachelor party:

Decide On A Budget

In every large bachelor party group, there are always some guys who want to blow the budget out and some who are too cheap to even get a $15 lap dance at Chez Paree (In Canadian dollars might we add…Consider leaving these guys at home.). You want to find that sweet spot that makes the entire group happy.

Leave variable things such as meals and lap dances to guy’s own discretion. However, we recommend pre-paying your big ticket items such as bottles and strippers so they are already accounted for in the budget. If you don’t, you’ll be the guy on the hook for the bill and become a buzzkill trying to hunt everyone down for money. To make matters worse, you might not know everyone in the bachelor party group. There’s nothing more awkward than sending a Venmo request to some random guy before the weekend has even started…and they still haven’t paid you once the bachelor party weekend is over. Follow our advice, pre-pay, and it’ll be smooth sailing.

If you can’t agree on a budget, you could always invite that creepy rich friend pictured below that no one has talked to in years and have him cover your costs.

Strategies For A Large Bachelor Party

One Daytime Activity, If Any

Going anywhere is going to be a pain with 10 guys especially if you’re still feeling the night before (Legs and Eggs can change all of that though.) If you insist on doing a daytime activity such as axe throwing or jet boating, choose one. Otherwise, leave the day unplanned, walk around the city, and get ready for the next night with topless beer pong, for example. Boobies over boats.

Large Bachelor Party Strategies


Pace Your Drinking

We know your excited. You haven’t seen your buddies in a while and you’re ready to start pounding shots of Jameson at 11 AM. Easy there…Great when you were in college, but not so great years later on a bachelor party. Slow and steady is the best way to approach your drinking for the weekend. No one wants to be that guy your whole group has to throw in a cab because you passed out in a stripper’s lap. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless you sprint your marathons.

Stack The Deck In Your Favor

Trying to get into a club with 15 guys with no girls, who don’t speak French, and may not have the right clothes, is a hail mary. Don’t even try it…or you’ll end up calling us Saturday morning for help. It’s simple. To get into a club, you’ll have to bring girls. Luckily, we have young, hot, and impressionable party girls for your group to party with. You’re welcome.

Strategies For Large Bachelor Party

Whatever you do, definitely don’t make these bachelor party mistakes.       

Posted on: 23 May 2018
Posted by: Grant Simon
Maximize Your Bachelor Party House Rental in Montreal

Over the past year or so we have seen an increase in the number of people looking for short term rentals for their bachelor party (i.e. AirBnB, VRBO, Flip Key, etc…). In the past, we have poo-pooed this idea in favor of suites and hotel rooms, however the use of a house rental for a bachelor party can work out quite well if the following precautions are taken into consideration.

Make sure the house and owner are cool with bachelor parties

This might seem obvious but it’s often overlooked. Just because the price and location are ideal does not mean the stay will be. Some of the so-called prime short term rentals in Montreal are run by very conservative people who will place insane restrictions or outright refuse your reservation if they find out that it’s for a bachelor party. That perfect place in Old Montreal you found might turn more into a stay at a dungeon guarded by a nagging manager. Best piece of advice: read up on the reviews and owners of the property before hand. Also, no sense in lying about the trip, 8-12 dudes don’t travel to Montreal to visit the botanical garden.

Utilize the space properly


There will be lots of downtime at the house so you really need our help to maximize the space and make your stay more memorable. Most true and tried method is to throw a bunch of Montreal strippers into the mix. Why let the space go to waste, besides those girls your buddy met the other day are not coming over regardless of what he keeps saying. Here are some of our best sellers:

Legs and eggs: Two ladies come in and cook you breakfast in the buff $800+

2/4 girl show: Use your imagination for this one $600-1600

Topless beer pong: Relive your frat days, just this time with girls $800+


Make sure the house has the right amenities for a bachelor party


You will end up spending more time at the house than you think. Make sure it’s got everything needed to hangout and have fun. Does it have a living room large enough to hangout? Many of the Plateau places are older than dirt and have tiny living rooms. Does it have enough beds and sofas? What good is a 4 bedroom if there are only 4 beds? Not everyone will know each other on the bachelor party nor will everyone want to be the little spoon.

Does it have WOW factor? It needs something cool to make the stay memorable: pool table, hot tub, ping pong table, stripper pole, balcony/deck to smoke or grill? If not, then perhaps a hotel suite might offer better value.

Know the location


Montreal is centralized but not everywhere is ideal. Good rule of thumb is that you want to stay on the island and no farther east then St Denis, no farther west then Atwater, no father north then Bernard, and lastly no father south then the water (stay on the island). Otherwise the few dollars you tried to save will be wasted on transit, as you are not near any of the action. Also outside these zones might be too Avant Garde (really french, really gay, or both!) or too residential.

Clean up before you leave!

We know that you’re all hungover, you didn’t make the mess, and it’s not your place. BUT a 15-30 min in clean up time can save you a big headache down the road. You placed a security deposit meaning you’re on the hook. You had a hard enough time collecting from everyone before the bachelor party, imagine after. Nothing worse than having to battle over email weeks later about damages or cleaning issue when you could have addressed them in no time before you left.


Posted on: 27 May 2015
Posted by: Oren
Five Reasons Your Bachelor Party Will Suck

Although a bachelor party usually seems pretty chaotic, there’s actually a lot of work involved in getting the right mix of booze, naked, and shady. We’ve been doing this for years now and believe me when I say I’ve seen it all (some I would rather unsee). Make sure to stay away from these big bachelor party mistakes.

Winging It

This is one of the most common and biggest mistakes one can make on their bachelor party in Montreal. You are going to need a few set plans and solid reservations in place, especially in the spring/summer months. If you don’t fit the profile of what a club is looking for and/or are a large group from out of town, don’t plan on getting in anywhere decent without an in. Even strip clubs in Montreal have huge lines. This is supposed to be a special occasion: why wing it?

Not Staying In The Right Location

Montreal is a big city: if you don’t stay in the right area, you’ll spend your whole weekend in Ubers. Beyond that, some hotels are a lot friendlier to a big group of drunk guys than others. You want a hotel that will put up with your nonsense and give you the great service you’re looking for. Located around key entertainment districts, these are the hotels where you’re going to want to stay.

Not Doing In-Room Entertainment

Your bachelor party experience is not only about going out, it’s about the whole experience. There’s a lot more to the weekend. Before stepping out, you’re going to need to eat, pre-drink, and get pumped up for the night. There’s no better way to do that than playing beer pong with a bunch of topless girls. Why not eat sushi off a naked model? Kill two birds with one stone and avoid the downtime waiting for the party to start.

Listening to the Locals

First of all, the locals really know what they are talking about. We know all of the best places, where to go for the best steak, whiskey, whatever you want. That being said, the average local does not know where a big group of guys should go. Most of these places will not be fun for an eight person (or more) bachelor party. Also, most locals don’t frequent strip clubs every weekend. Lastly, the drinking age is a liberal 18 here, which means most people have been going out since age 16. This means that by the time they reach their late 20’s, they are tired of the club scene and will recommend places that aren’t really for bachelor parties.

Partying too Hard on the First Night

I see this all the time. The bachelor party arrives and they go out to a club right away. They have a few hours of fun at a club and then they spend the rest of the weekend in bed. Rookies. Be sure to take advantage of the entire weekend and have as much fun as you can. Connected Montreal will make sure even the downtime will be memorable.

Posted on: 01 Aug 2014
Posted by: Oren
Montreal Bachelor Party Review: Too Much Nudity?

The Montreal bachelor party review you are about to read is true: names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The Call

pictureTwo weeks ago I got a call from Steve (fake name) who was in a panic. It was his best friend’s bachelor party and he was so busy with work that he had not planned anything. The only thing Steve knew was that Montreal is the destination for the 6 of them and that he wanted as much nudity as possible.

The Solution

I assured Steve that he had come to the right place and after a short conversation I had his best friend’s bachelor party all planned out. First off, I secured them a suite and 2 rooms at the Centre Sheraton, a great bachelor party hotel right downtown. Second, I crammed as much off-the-wall nude events as possible into their trip. Next is what went down.

The Bachelor Party


Arrival: Steve’s group arrived at their hotel at around 6PM and were greeted by their host, Rod with some drinks in the suite.

Dinner: In order to set the tone for the weekend we set them up with Body Sushi, where they had a private tatami room and a personal sushi chef prepare a meal to be remembered. The sushi was served on our stunning <a ” title=”Models” href=”http://connectedmontreal.com/models/”>Connected Model, Jess, who laid naked for our guests for over 2 hours as they enjoyed their meal and Sake Bombs. The bachelor and everyone in the group was blown away.

To start the weekend off right, we obviously had them eat sushi off a model.

Strip club: The theme of nudity continued as Rod walked our guests into our home away from home, Kamasutra. They had a VIP couch stocked with 2 bottles of Vodka waiting for them. Rod layed down the dos and don’ts of Montreal strip clubs and let them have their fun. We can’t be certain if they had a good time but when Rod returned, their booth now had an extra 12 naked strippers performing for them.


Breakfast: The guys woke up late and hungover and were served brunch Connected Montreal style. We had 2 of our Connected Models, Magalie and her smoking hot friend (who would kill me if I named her) serve our clients brunch in the buff. As Steve put it, “the food was cold but MY GOD the girls were hot!” They fed them and showed them the various uses of whip cream.

Magalie serves the best brunch in town!

Show Time: We had two pseudo-lesbians swing by the bachelor’s suite and perform for the gentleman. The private entertainment was a crowd pleaser, leaving a smile on the group’s faces and some unexplainable bruises on the bachelor.

Supper Club: At this point, we was ready to turn the boys loose on some civilians. They went to Globe which is a supper club. A supper club is a restaurant that turns into a crazy night club after dinner and everyone gets bottle service. It’s pretty classy. All the waitresses are model-types and the party atmosphere is amazing. The bachelor party had a prime table with 3 bottles of Grey Goose and the hottest waitress in the place (being good friends with the manager has its perks).

One of the guys in the group mentioned that they almost had too much nudity this weekend. 30 minutes later the same guy stumbled back to Kamasutra…

Overall the weekend was a success for everyone involved. Sunday morning I got this text message:

Another satisfied and hungover client.


Update: Steve saw the post and said I did not do it justice. Here is his testimonial:

“When our crew decided to have a bachelor party in Montreal, I knew that we didn’t want to be on our own for planning. After looking at all the websites for Montreal party planning, the one that stood out was Connected Montreal, because I could tell from their design, their sample itinerary and their options that they already knew what we were looking for. You could just feel that we’d be rolling in style.

Oren was the man making suggestions and getting the schedule booked with clubs, girls, restaurants, so while we started with the Well Connected plan, we quickly added on some ‘can’t-miss’ ideas like Naked Sushi, the private shows, Legs-n-Eggs, and even more bottle service, because it all just seemed too good to pass up for a great value. After all, we wanted it to be a bachelor party to remember. Even when we had a pre-arrival the week beforehand, Oren was able to take care of it like a champ.

Once we got there, Rod was making sure that we got everything we needed and more; always hooked us up, as advertised, and an outstanding host. He was there for every spot from check-in to the end of the night, ensuring that we had our alcohol, our VIP treatment, access to everywhere, and that everyone was treating us like All-Stars, whether at Mikasa, Globe, Kamasutra, or the hotel room. It was exactly what we wanted and what we needed.

Good hotel location at the Sheraton, great locales, highly accommodating owners and managers, friendly girls, quality drinks, and good times. These guys at Connected Montreal provided us an amazing experience, and for a very reasonable price. We will be using them again in the future.”


If you like our Montreal bachelor party reviews, let us know and we will be sure to share all of the ones we legally can…  For crazier bachelor party stories or to plan a similar trip give us a call at 1.877.690.4919.

Posted on: 09 Jul 2012
Posted by: Oren
Top 5 Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love a bargain?
One of the biggest difficulties that comes with planning a bachelor party is having to accommodate various budgets. Here are some cheap bachelor party ideas that don’t skimp on the fun.

5. Stay at a 3-Star Hotel or Just Up the Occupancy

pictureIf your group is on a tighter budget, the hotel is a great place to cut the overall cost of the bachelor party. Just keep in mind that the cheaper the hotel, the worse the amenities. Also, if you are on an even tighter budget you can up the occupancy, but remember you will be sharing beds so make sure not to go out for a mexican night.

4. Go to a Montreal Strip Club

pictureIn other cities, such as Las Vegas, going to a strip club is as fiscally responsible as your last date ordering the surf and turf at Morton’s. However, going to one of the strip clubs in Montreal is one of the best cheap bachelor party ideas. The lap dances are only $15 per song and drinks are the same price as at a bar. Also, your buddy who just blew his nest egg on his wife’s cupcake business can sit in the pervert’s row (at the stage) all night nursing a beer without any pressure to tip or buy another drink. Those that want to make it rain can, and those that are experiencing a drought can relax with the group without feeling bad. Learn a little more about Montreal strip clubs here.

3. Check out a Bring Your Own Wine Restaurant

pictureMontreal has many great places to eat. There are also many bring your own wine restaurants throughout the downtown area. This allows you guys to stock up on some cheap beer or wine and not break the bank when the bill for the meal comes. You can also save serious cash if you are well versed in wines, as most places have huge markups.

2. Get Bottle Service

pictureAgain, the only place in the world where bottle service actually comes out cheaper is in Montreal. Not getting bottle service is a huge mistake, especially when throwing a bachelor party in Montreal. In Montreal, drinks are measured to 1 oz. of alcohol per mixed drink. That $12 Grey Goose drink at the bar is more expensive then buying a bottle for $250 ($12 X 26oz= $312). You are also gaining the status and convenience of bottle service at no cost, whereas you’re charged a premium for it in most other cities. Bottle service is a must if you want to save money. However, order the bottles in advance, unless you like to try and collect money from your friends when they are drunk. The excuses for not having money will be endless – this is why we include bottle service in our bachelor party packages.

1. Private Show at Your Hotel

pictureOur #1 cheap Montreal bachelor party idea is one that most people view as expensive. However, getting a private show at your hotel is a cost-effective solution that will actually take your bachelor party to the next level. While the private show might have an initial sticker shock, take into mind that the cost will be split among the group and that everyone will be thoroughly entertained for an hour. Compare the per person cost to getting a few lap dances with drinks at a strip club and the savings are obvious. Also, factor in that your minds will be blown by what you will witness and you have yourself the best cheap bachelor party idea out there.

Posted on: 02 Jul 2012
Posted by: Oren
Bachelor Party in Montreal: Top 5 Things Not To Do

Everyone and their uncle gives you plenty of advice on what you should do when you get to town. However, it is also important to know ‘what not to do’ on a bachelor party in Montreal.

5. Do Not Go to Crescent Street at Night

“What?! But my buddy who was in Montreal 8 years ago said Crescent Street was the place to be. Everyone says go to Crescent.” Your friends were wrong (partially). Crescent street is a great day-time drinking spot with its many bars and patios. At night, the place is awful unless you are under 21 or consider Budweiser to be a premium product. There is not a single decent night club on Crescent. It does not get any cheesier or more touristy than a night out on Crescent.

4. Do Not Go to an Off-Island Strip Club

Places like ‘Hill Top’ are off-island strip clubs (45 minutes outside of downtown) and have gained notoriety due to their back-room “activities”. They are not worth the expensive Uber ride out there for a Montreal bachelor party, nor is the talent anything I would want to see in the light of day. There are far better and cheaper options.

3. Do Not Stay at a Hotel that Is Not Downtown

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make on a bachelor party in Montreal. Hotels in Montreal are pretty cheap compared to other cities. A $50-100 savings on a room that is not downtown is never worth it. Don’t be cheap, stay downtown so you can walk or take a short Uber ride to all the best strip clubs and nightlife. DO NOT stay at the airport, PLEASE.

2. Do Not Go to the Casino Late at Night

This will probably not stop any of the degenerate gamblers at night. However, it is never a good idea to head to a casino loaded. Every Montreal Casino story starts the same way, “So I was up really big…”

1. Do Not Miss Out on Trying Poutine

I figured I’d end this post on a positive note. Poutine (translated into English as the mess) is amazing, especially when you are drunk at 4am. It is the local delicacy involving french fries, cheese, and gravy. If you really want to get crazy, try my favorite style, the Italian Poutine, which is basically french fry parmesan.

Posted on: 07 Jun 2012
Posted by: Oren
Top 10 Montreal Strip Club Mistakes

What they don’t want you to know.

10. Trusting a Stripper


Strippers are as trust worthy as an ’87 Yugo. A good rule of thumb is not to believe anything they say. While she will tell you that you are hot, you are not. Go in knowing this and you will have much more fun. Remember they are selling a fantasy, not a reality.

9. Not Getting Bottle Service

pictureDrinks at Montreal strip clubs are measured (1oz), and can run $8-$12 on average. Getting a 26oz bottle of Grey Goose for $220 comes to $8.46 an oz rather than $12 at the bar. Not to mention the status and convenience that comes with bottle service at a strip club. More on why you need bottle service.

8. Buying a Montreal Stripper a Drink

pictureThis is a personal preference. If you truly enjoy their company feel free to buy them drinks. The key is to order the drinks yourself or they will be ordering XO and Cristal. Some strip clubs, such as Kamasutra, have $4 shots so just order them shots. Don’t be afraid to tell the girls NO, they hear it from loan officers all the time.

7. Not Paying for Lap Dances in Advance

pictureBooze and boobies cloud judgment. Strippers know this. A common scam is for the stripper to lie about the number of dances they performed. In Montreal, they don’t ask if you want another dance; the meter keeps running. Nothing kills an experience like having to argue if the remix is one song or two. Pre-pay the girls and save yourself a headache and a large bill.

6. Going During the Day

pictureThey didn’t invent the term “day-shifters” for nothing. Even the best strip clubs in Montreal are a sad sight during the day. Unless you really want to see nudity in all shapes and sizes, avoid the strip clubs during the day. The varsity squad starts at 9PM.

5. Keeping a Tab Open or Covering Friends

pictureA personal pet peeve of mine. Everyone orders tons of drinks and you were nice enough to put down your credit card for the tab. Now you are faced with the uphill battle of trying to collect money. One guy you don’t even know that well spent all his cash on dances with Maybach. One of the guys’ little brother is passed out and another guy’s debit card is maxed out, but he promises to pay you back. The excuses and hassles are endless. Worst of all, you don’t want to come off like an ass so you just eat most of the cost.

4. Tipping the Strippers

pictureOk, Montreal strippers are going to give me hell for this one, but oh well. In Montreal, strippers pocket all the money they make from dances. The clubs make money off of steep covers, booze, and they charge the girls a $50 fee to work the night. Tipping the strippers on money they pocket makes no sense, some will go as far as to say it’s x$ plus tip. Don’t tip them unless you really want to (I have no idea why you would).

3. Opting for the Lesbian Show

pictureWhile lesbianism is legal in the clubs, it can often be a rip off. Yes, it is “real” but the price can add up fast ($40 a song). Some girls will try to negotiate a larger price for a large group. It might seem like a good idea when they pitch you, “only $20 a guy”, but it should always be $40 a song. If you really want a show we can arrange for one that is far superior, cheaper, and in the comfort of your own hotel.

2. Going to a No-Contact Club

pictureMontreal is known for full-contact strip clubs. Why would you go to a no-contact club? It makes no sense. Fortunately, there has been a tactile revolution and there’s only one no-contact club left: Wanda’s. Unless you are a geriatric or visiting with your jealous significant other, don’t go there. Forget this whole “it’s way classier” argument, the girls are no hotter. I’ve been to strip clubs all over the world and none are “classy” that’s just a lie the clubs feed you. You go to a strip club to see girls get naked, not to eat foie gras and see performance art.

1. Not Going with Us!

We have spent every weekend at the best strip clubs in Montreal for the past 5 years. We personally know all the best girls and as soon as we walk in with a group, they take notice. You would be doing your group a disservice not visiting a strip club with us on your bachelor party. Our connections and insider knowledge will guarantee you an experience like no other.

Our Bachelor Party Packages 

montreal strip club

Step into our office.

Give us a call at 1.877.690.4919 and prepare for the time of your lives.

Posted on: 30 May 2012
Posted by: Oren
Worst Montreal Bachelor Party Ideas

Since nobody in Montreal has hosted more bachelor parties than us, we have seen more than our fair share of mistakes. In no particular order, these are the worst Montreal bachelor party ideas:

Inviting the Bride’s Side of the Family

pictureYou are on a bachelor party, not a bird-watching trip. Things will get crazy and there will be more than a few lapses in judgment. While the groom might behave himself, the same can’t be said for the rest of the group. Sure, your old college roommate thought the groom would enjoy having “strippers” sent to the room, which he happens to share with the bride’s father. And what if the father of the bride also thinks that’s a good idea? All and all, there are countless combinations of awkward situations that will occur if you invite members of the bride’s family.

Not Going to a Montreal Strip Club

pictureMontreal is known for its strip clubs. Bachelor parties love going to strip clubs. Therefore, avoiding strip clubs is one of the worst Montreal bachelor party ideas you can make. Would you go to Italy with a bunch of foodies and stop to eat at McDonald’s? While visiting a strip club is usually out of the way or a money pit, the clubs in Montreal are close by and very affordable. Remember, the bachelor party is a group trip.

Not Going Out for a Nice Dinner

pictureI get that some people are trying to come up with some cheap bachelor party ideas, but you should plan at least one nice meal. Montreal is known for its food. As a bigger fellow and foodie, I take great offense to groups that come to Montreal and order Domino’s to the room. One of the best parts about traveling is sampling the local cuisine. Even simply going to a steakhouse can create a memorable experience.

Going for a Huge Meal then Straight to a Nightclub

pictureWhile Montreal does have amazing food, make sure you leave some time between dinner and going to the club. It’s best to put the obligatory strip club visit in between dinner and the nightclub. If you don’t, everyone will be stuffed and it’ll make getting intoxicated near impossible. The energy level will be low after a big meal, so we recommend hitting a strip club to get the fire burning again.


More on bachelor party mistakes or bachelor party ideas.

Posted on: 27 May 2012
Posted by: Oren