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Strip Clubs in Montreal: A Complete List.

We here at Connected Montreal are strip club afficianado’s. We’ve compiled a complete list in no particular order of all the strip clubs in Montreal.


pictureOne of Montreals hidden gems, tucked behind bustling Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Kamasutra has some of the friendliest girls around. Small Venue. Cheap shots. Lounge like atmosphere.

  • Evenings only
  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song
  • $4 shots
  • Lesbian show in VIP Booth – 20$ per girl per song. (40$ total a song)

3580 Rue Saint Dominique  Montreal, QC H2X 2X5


Chez Paree

pictureThe Bouncers still famously wear tuxedos every night, giving one of Montreals most famous strip clubs a touch of class. Don’t be confused, the girls are still as dirty and hot. They offer a buffet during any day the Montreal Canadiens play.

  • Entrance to the lap dance booths – 5$ each time you venture to the back.
  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song
  • Non-Contact Lap dances – 10$ per song
  • Monday-Saturday open during the day (3pm)

1258 Stanley Street  Montreal, QC H3B2S7

Club Downtown / Club Grand Prix

pictureThese two strip clubs are located next to each other on the Saint-Catherine strip in the heart of downtown Montreal. You’ll be cat called by one of the doorman to come on inside. Cheap lap dances.

  • Contact Lap Dances – 10$ per song

1196 Sainte-Catherine West  Montreal, QC H3B 1K1

Super Sexe

pictureOf all the strip clubs in Montreal, Super Sexe is the most talked about south of the border. Most people visited Super Sexe when they were 18yrs old. Nothing has changed since you were 18, no matter how old you are now. There are a lot of tourist traps here. The name is the only ‘super’ thing about it.

  • Entrance to the lap dance booths – 10$ each time you’re upstairs.
  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song
  • Private Rooms with Beds (for the girls not both of you!)
  • Lunch Buffet (tread carefully)

696 Sainte-Catherine West  Montreal, QC H3B 1B9


pictureWanda’s is also an institution in Montreal. They haven’t quite adapted with the times as they do not offer full contact dances. They are located in a two-floor complexe right off of Crescent street. They have an in-house restaurant on the second floor.

  • Table Dance – 10$ per song.
  • Restaurant / Outdoor Patio

1458 Rue de la Montagne Montreal, QC H3G 2P4

Solid Gold

pictureA little trek outside of the downtown core will lead you to Solid Gold. It is a local favorite but too far to consider if you are planning on hitting multiple venues in one night.

  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song.

8820 Saint Laurent Blvd Montreal, QC H2N 1M4


pictureOne of Montreal’s newer strip clubs located lower Saint-Laurent. The decor inside is gaudy, with big red leather couches and lion heads strewn about the place. It is a true hit or miss depending on the night.

  • Contact Lap Dances – 15$ per song

1417 Boulevard Saint-Laurent  Montreal, QC H2X 2S8

Cafe Cleopatre

pictureYou never know what to expect when heading to Cleopatras. Very seedy joint, if you like that. Some nights there is a cabaret show, other nights its a standard strip club. The term ‘stripper graveyard’ was coined for Cleopatre.

1230 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 1K4


Cabaret Les Amazones

pictureLike Solid Gold, outside of the downtown core. They serve food, and it’s not bad at all. You can also watch all of your favorite PPV events there. It has a little bit of everything except for a convenient location.

6820 Rue Saint-Jacques Montréal, QC H4B 1V8

Super Contact

pictureRight next door to the famous Super Sexe.   It is the back-up plan to if Super sexe is terrible. It doesn’t draw the best girls, it’s there merely to pick up the Super Sexe run off.

90-A Ste-Catherine O  Montreal, QC H3B 1B9




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Posted on: 07 Jun 2012
Posted by: Rod
Why Montreal Strip Clubs Are Better than Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Although Las Vegas might be the most popular bachelor party destination, it is not necessarily the best. Most often our guests love Montreal and the highlight of their trip tends to be the strip clubs. Here are some of the reasons why Montreal strip clubs are better than Las Vegas strip clubs.


Unlike Las Vegas, all of the strip clubs here are located in downtown Montreal. Chances are there are a few on the same block as your hotel or probably next to a church. Where as in Vegas, they are huge Costco like structures off of the strip.

No Non-Sense

The strip clubs in Las Vegas take a cue from the casinos and try to confuse the crap out of you in order to empty your wallets. There are multi-levels to every service they offer; VIP rooms, VVIP rooms, Lap dances, Private lap dances, Champagne rooms, VIP champagne rooms, and even sky boxes. At the end of the day they all offer the same thing: naked woman, only difference is the useless title they can up-sell you on.

In Montreal, the only up-sell are the VIP couches, which are actually worth it. The rest is straight forward, they have a main room, alcohol, and strippers. Sorry to disappoint the kids, but they also lack a gift shop.

The Girls

The quality and quantity of the strippers in Montreal is far superior to Vegas. First, there are less girls at the clubs in Montreal. How are less strippers better? Easy, they are less money hungry. In Vegas, there are so many girls working that the competition is fierce. The second you sit down you will be hassled by the endless parade of silicone sharks.

In Montreal, the girls come from the surrounding area, not a shipping container. They are relaxed, younger, and more naive. You will find yourself actually enjoying their company, unlike Vegas where the competition has made them cut throat and dead on the inside.


The cost of visiting a Montreal strip club is far less than going to any strip club in Vegas. Everything is cheaper, including the girls. Lap dances in Montreal are $15 a song vs $25-$50 a song. The dances are a full song not some 3 minute edit. Best of all, the dances are full-contact here (two-hand touch).

Posted on: 04 Jun 2012
Posted by: Oren

Why Montreal Strip clubs :

Here are some of the top reasons (in no particular order) why Montreal strip clubs are so popular:

• Full contact: better described as two-hand touch. you can touch the girls (sans-bikini area) during your dance.
• Private lap dance: all dances are done in the privacy of a booth at no extra cost.
• Free entrance to perverts row: people do not tip the girls on stage so you can sit by the stage all night if you prefer, no need to make it rain…
• Proximity: there are dozens of strip clubs scattered throughout downtown. Chances are your hotel is down the street from one, making it a blessing or a curse.
• Cost: lap dances and drinks are much cheaper than most major US cities such as Las Vegas ($10-15 a dance under $10 a drink)

• Lesbianism: it’s legal here. YES. you read that right. Can’t do that in the US!

why montreal strip clubs are so popular
• The girls: laid-back and friendly locals not post-communism imports.
• Nudity: alcohol and full-nudity (for the girls) is a standard at every strip club in Montreal.

If you need to really ask why Montreal strip clubs are so popular give us a call and we can walk you through some details we rather not put out for everyone to see. We are the strip clubs experts after all…

Tip: when getting a lap dance it is always advised to either pay in advance or count your songs. Booze and Boobs are a fantastic distraction that could cost you a lot. This is one of the best pieces of advice we can give!

Posted on: 24 Apr 2012
Posted by: Oren
What Are the Best Montreal Strip Clubs?

We get  asked, “What are the best strip clubs?” all the time. The truth is, it depends.

Why? First, you need to understand that in Montreal, the girls do not work for the clubs. They are freelancers. The strippers pay a bar fee to work at the club for the night. What  this means for you is that the best strip clubs are constantly changing. You can see one stripper at one club one night and at a different one the next evening.

That being said, the best days to go to a Montreal strip club are Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays (or all three nights!) While it always seems like it’s a good idea to hit a strip club during the day, you’ll quickly understand why the industry coined the term “day shifters”.

If you want a real Montreal strip club experience, give us a call and we will give you a tour. Every week, our cells blow up with too many misspelled texts from strippers telling us where they’re working that given night or which club is best.

But really, it’s not where you go, it’s who you go with… Trust us, we know where to go.

Posted on: 23 Apr 2012
Posted by: Oren
strip club

What to expect at the Montreal strip clubs with Connected:

• Be escorted into all the best full-contact strip clubs, everyone knows our names and faces.
• Never pay a cover or have to tip any of the bouncers.
• Be introduced to all the best montreal strippers and shielded from the worst (we personally know more strippers than we care to admit).
• Set up with the best tables in the club(s).
• Properly informed of all typical tourist scams.
• Learn how to get the best bang for your buck.
• Set you up with bottle/champagne service.
• Have the option to throw the bachelor or any other poor soul on stage for embarrassment.

With our connections, our guests receive a level of service that would be otherwise unobtainable. Simply put you will have way more fun going to a strip club with us than anyone else.

Why are Montreal strip clubs so popular?

Montreal is famous for its strip clubs. No trip to Montreal, especially when on a bachelor party, is complete without a visit to at least one. They are scattered throughout downtown, some are even next to churches – just to give you an example of Montreal’s liberal sexual attitude.

Navigating this sea of silicone and sin alone can prove more frustrating than your lap dances. Luckily for you we are the strip club scholars.

Going to a strip club with Connected Montreal is an experience like no other. We have spent countless hours in the Montreal strip clubs honing our craft. We know more Montreal strippers than any other company out there. A visit to a strip club with us becomes a night to remember rather than regret.

We give you the inside scoop of what to expect as well as introduce you to all the right girls. We personally know the girls and socialize with only the best ones. The Montreal strippers become way more friendly and genuine with our guests making you a real VIP not a sucker.

Some of the biggest differences at the Montreal strip clubs:

Size: there are no mega warehouse sized strip clubs in Montreal. Most are fairly small seating maximum of 100-150 people and have no more than 40 girls working at anytime.

VIP rooms: there are no VIP rooms or champagne rooms in Montreal. The clubs do have VIP sections which are couches in the main room of the club. These VIP’s are more comfortable and do attract attention.

Sitting at the stage (perverts row) : You are allowed to sit at the stage and not tip. The girls go on stage to audition themselves for private dancing not make money. No need to “make it rain” bills unless you want to look like a complete tourist.

Posted on: 27 Mar 2012
Posted by: admin
Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Montreal Strippers

Ahh Montreal strippers…Some of the city’s best ASSets. All joking aside, adding strippers to your bachelor party is downright necessary and is fun for the whole group. However, there are some do’s and don’t when it comes to navigating the strip club and strippers shows. Here’s 6 do’s and don’t when it comes to Montreal strippers:

Strip Clubs:

Strippers MTL

DO Pre-Pay Your Dances

We see the same story every weekend. Some guy goes to the strip club, falls in love with a particular stripper, and keeps getting lap dances from her. Eventually, he’ll have to make an ol’ fashioned walk of shame to the ATM machine. It’s okay we’ve all been there…So let us save you. If you get a lap dance, pre-pay your dance. When the song is over, you get up and leave. This leads us to…

DON’T Tip…A Lot

Montreal strippers do plenty fine without your tips so don’t think you’re helping them pay their car loan by slipping them a $100 bill. They may huff and puff that you didn’t tip them, but who cares. Sure, if she does a handstand on your lap, give her five bucks, but nothing more. Just like your stock portfolio, it’s important to diversify the girls you get lap dances from.

DO Make Up A Funny Backstory

Have you ever wanted to be a deodorant tester (Real job, look it up)? Now you can be! The best part about the strip club is that no one is telling the truth. Join in on the fun and make up your own crazy backstory. Bonus points if you and the boys can keep the act up the whole night.

DON’T Believe Strippers

This one goes without saying, but we’ll mention it anyway. Don’t believe a word (one single word) of what strippers tell you. They’ve mastered their fake story and can tell it to you with a perfect poker face. It’s all part of the fun of a strip club.

Stripper Shows:

Montreal Strippers

DO Book More Than You Think

If you experience one of our strippers shows, you’ll wish you had more on the weekend itinerary. The girls are hot, fun, and the best part is that you get to enjoy the show in the privacy of your own house or hotel room. We recommend at least one show, but getting two is the perfect sweet spot. Personally we recommend a girl on girl show and legs and eggs brunch the next morning to really take the bachelor party to the next level.

DON’T Do Late Night Shows

As your Mom once told you, “Nothing good happens after midnight.” In one way she was right. Never get late night stripper shows because neither party is fresh and full of energy. The girls will probably give a lackluster show while you and your crew will probably be exhausted from the day’s festivities. Right before dinner or hitting the clubs is a great place to throw in some topless beer pong to get the night started.

Posted on: 03 Aug 2018
Posted by: Grant Simon
Why Montreal Strippers Are The Best Asset For Your Bachelor Party

Montreal does two things better than anyone else: Food and  Girls. The food scene is one of the best in the world and Montreal strippers are some of the wildest. The rest is average at best. Luckily, these two things alone contribute to a great bachelor party.

Since your foodie hipster buddy with the Yelp elite account and the Bourdain poster in his cubicle at We Work “knows” all the best spots to eat, we will touch on his uncharted territory; woman, in particular the best kind of girls for a bachelor party, strippers. The kind of girls that bring a smile to men’s faces and strike fear into the hearts of your significant other.

First off, if you’re coming to Montreal and you’re not interested in strippers, please click here.

Why are Montreal strippers so good?


For starters there are TONS of them. Due to a lack of decent paying jobs and abundance of hot girls with lesser morals (Philly 12’s and Boston 11’s), there are way more strippers per capita than in the U.S.


Compared to Vegas or Miami (still paying off my visa bill from Scarlett’s), the strippers in Montreal are pennies on the dollar. For example, a 2 girl show at your Airbnb/hotel is only $600 an hour! In Montreal strip clubs, the lap dances are only $15/song. Any way you slice it, it is a buyer’s market so best to stock up on strippers.


Sure there are cheaper “strippers” in Costa Rica or hotter ones in Moscow, but let’s face it, after 10 minutes you’ll want to give yourself the David Carradine treatment. Simply put, the strippers in Montreal are chill, friendly, and fun. Their attitude really shines in a group setting and can turn the party from lame to legendary. Even your cheap friend nursing a beer all night will enjoy the banter and won’t believe the girls genuinely want to talk to him.

Willingness To Do Things On The Cheap (Sorry they still won’t bang you)

So how do you cash in on all these young, fun strippers? Easy. Call us 1-877-469-4919. Not only do we know more strippers then the local Planned Parenthood, we know how to incorporate Montreal strippers into fun situations that will become the piece de resistance of your bachelor party.

Here are some of the more popular  Montreal stripper activities we offer:

Topless Beer Pong $800 – 2 girls/2 hours

Throw a frat inspired party that would make make the tri-lambs proud. What better bonding experience for your bachelor party than getting drunk in the afternoon with some local topless  hotties.

Montreal Strippers


Private Lesbian Show $600 (per hour) or $1200 for a 4 girls show

The ultimate experience for a Bachelor Party in Montreal. Two hand picked girls will arrive at your hotel and put on a show that you will save in the memory vault for years to come. Show includes all tips and no scary bouncers.


Legs and Eggs Topless Brunch $800+

Erase your hangover with two topless chefs cooking up a breakfast buffet in the buff, we call it “Legs and Eggs”

Montreal Strippers


College Girl Pub Crawl $600+

2 (or more) young girls will take you and your buddies on a pub crawl.  Why do a boring brew pub tour with “foodies”? Instead, you can be lead around by 2 young hotties with low GPAs and lower aspirations.  We can tailor the pub crawl to any specifications or theme from beer golf to craft brews. Let us know how sloppy you want to get.


Brisket and Breasts / Schwartz’s Smoked Meat Catering $25pp plus $300 per girl

Why wait in line for hours when we can deliver smoked meat straight to you pipping hot, or take it to the next level and have some topless girls serving it to you on a platter.
Strippers In Montreal


Limos and Lesbians

Arriving by air? Start the weekend off right. We will pick you up at the airport with a fully stocked limo/party bus (beer included) with two montreal strippers performing an intimate show all the way to your hotel/house.

Naked Sushi $1500+

If you want the ultimate bachelor party in Montreal then body sushi is the way to go. Often people call us and ask for a crazy bachelor party idea, this is it.  Often referred to as naked sushi or by its Japanese name, “Nyotaimori”, it is an experience like no other.

Montreal Strippers


Lesbian Show At A Steakhouse $1000

Like to multitask? Dine in a private room at one of Montreal’s finest steakhouse’s, and for dessert, we’ll have two girls put on the show of a lifetime.

Cigars, Strippers and Scotch (variable pricing $)

Three things your wife hates to smell on you. Rent out your own private cigar lounge and stock it however you want. Cigars, strippers, and scotch, this is the best of the best.

Jello Wrestling $3000

Strippers in Montreal

Create the royal rumble of your dreams. 4 Montreal strippers battling it out in the jello of your choice, with a midget referee.

Midget Lesbian Show

sadly  like the holy grail this is still the stuff of legend  (if you’re under 4” tall and in a committed, loving lesbian relationship call us ASAP)

Fat Girl Show, $800 + plus food for the girls

Sure anyone can find hot girls in Montreal but we found the ones that are sure to leave an impression on the bachelor and your sofa.

Naked Waitress $200/hr

Topless Poker Dealer $225/hr


Posted on: 04 May 2018
Posted by: Grant Simon
Top 5 Montreal Supper Clubs


Montreal’s restaurant and nightlife scene changes rapidly, sometimes as quick as one month to the next. Luckily, we know all things Montreal nightlife and keep a pulse on the scene at all times. All of these supper clubs are now closed, but check out an updated supper club list here for 2018.

What Are Supper Clubs?
Simply put, a supper club in Montreal is a restaurant that, later, turns into a club where everyone pops bottles at their tables. Some of the best clubs in Montreal are supper clubs. They tend to have the hottest staff and the best, most exclusive, clientele. A supper club is always a great bachelor party idea.

5. Wood 35

Opened on Grand Prix a year a go to a crowd of basically nobody, Wood 35 is the newest supper club in Montreal. Over the past year, W00d 35 has gained some steam and it can be a lot of fun if you are under the age of 25.  They are located right next door to the famous Buonanotte, and can be a backup if the bouncers there don’t let you in. That just won’t happen if you’re with us.


4. Cavalli

If you are in town on a Thursday and are over the age of 25, Cavalli is definitely the place to be. The men of the midlife crisis crowd slick back their remaining hair, line up their exotic cars right outside, and proceeds to hit on all of the desperate housewives at the bar. The staff is VERY attractive. The place focuses on drinks at the bar over bottle service, though the drink prices are a little higher than the usual. This makes Cavalli less of long-term investment and more of a stop over until you realize you can see ladies who still have their youth at a strip club, like Chez Paree, down the street.

3. Koko

Located in the slick Opus Hotel, Koko was the hottest supper club in Montreal up until a month ago when their large outdoor patio was closed for the season. Partying indoors is still solid and while the crowds aren’t as plentiful as they once were, you won’t have to worry about standing in line outside.

2. Globe

Up until now you have probably noticed that I have not mentioned the food component of any of the Montreal supper clubs. The simple reason is that the food hasn’t been worth writing about until now. The food at Globe is VERY good: they always have fantastic – and giant – seafood platters and they source the freshest and best ingredients of any of the supper clubs. Globe also has the best looking staff in all of Montreal. It is hands-down the place to be during F1 weekend, but you’d better bring your black card. The only down side to Globe is that Fridays can be hit-or-miss, but the Saturday crowd is reliably great.

1. Buonanotte

Often imitated but never duplicated, Buonanotte is the original and best supper club in Montreal and has been around longer than some of the very pleasing staff.  Most clubs only last a few years, but Buonanotte – known simply as ‘Buona’ – has consistently been one of the best places to party year after year, regardless of the season. You definitely have a good chance of bumping into a celeb or two while partying the night away. The night-time scene is always intense and Buona is a great place to pickup. Getting in and getting a good table is no easy feat as they often tend to double book, so you need the right connections to get the best out of the place. Luckily we’ve thrown back more than a few Grappas with their managers over the years.

Give us a call at 1.877.690.4919 if you want to experience these supper clubs with style.

Posted on: 27 Aug 2012
Posted by: Oren
Montreal Strippers: Top 5 Reasons Why They Are Better

You’ve probably heard that the strip clubs in Montreal are some of the best in the world. The real reason is that Montreal strippers are the best in the world! Here’s what makes them so much better:

5. Friendly

Unlike Las Vegas, Montreal strippers are actually pretty down to earth and friendly, although they’re still strippers! Don’t expect her to be as chill as your yoga instructor, but overall, most people find them refreshing to deal with.

4. Local

One of the biggest differences here in Montreal is that the strippers are actually from Montreal (and surrounding areas). Most have a nice French Canadian accent and can give you further insight into the Montreal culture, instead of stories of what it was like when communism collapsed in an accent that makes you think of Rocky 4.

3. They Love to Party

Montreal strippers like to party. They are known to mix business and pleasure (not what you were thinking). Unlike other cities, the girls here are free to hangout and drink with the customers. Likewise, it’s not uncommon for the girls to come out and party with us, and they sure know how to party!

2. Lesbians

While they will not write you a folk song, they do engage in lesbian acts at the strip clubs here in Montreal. Just a few 20’s and the next thing you know Mercedes and Kia have merged on the bachelor’s lap. Strippers like these sure set the tone for an epic Montreal bachelor party.

1. Hot!

Lets face it, most of us guys are as deep as a puddle. I am sure you know plenty of friendly, local girls who like to party, however they also look like they could snap for Tom Brady. If strippers aren’t hot, then what’s the point? Fortunately, Montreal is known for having amazing talent. Just look at the pics on our site.

Posted on: 06 Jun 2012
Posted by: Oren