9am-10pm (EST)

How Does it Work?

Step 1. Call Us

We will walk you through our services, options for your bachelor party, and different packages available to you. Through our efforts, we will make your dream bachelor party happen.

You can expect us to be frank with you and let you know what works in Montreal and what does not. Don’t have a clue what you want to do? No problem. With our expertise, a few simple questions will help us determine what would work best for you.

Step 2. Talk to your buddies

Everyone would like to do as much as possible for their bachelor party, there are often many tastes and budgets in the group to consider. It’s best to speak with the whole group to determine the budget as well as where to allocate the majority of it. Is hotel very important (5 star?), or extensive bottle service? Or both?

Step 3. Determine the details

Get a final head count, package selection, and budget for everyone.

Step 4. Book your trip

We will go over all the details and help you select and book the perfect package based on all the criteria. We require a $500 deposit (non-refundable)  to book any trip. We take all major credit cards (even Discover), and certified international money order.

Step 5. Start a loose itinerary

Once your payment is confirmed and your trip is booked, the real fun can start! Through your communications, we will already have a good idea of what your interests are. Depending on how much time there is before your bachelor party (1+ month away) we will set a loose itinerary to pass by you. (Steakhouse on Sat? or strip club then nightclub on Friday?)

We will book all the most critical reservations right away such as exclusive restaurants and your hotel rooms.

Step 6. Finalize itinerary, changes and payments

One week prior to your party, we will go over the itinerary one more time and finalize what clubs/venues you will go to and roughly what time. We will make sure to include options and backup plans. Montreal nightlife is constantly changing so what was hot a month ago might not still hold true. This is why we wait to figure out exactly where you will be going.

There also might be some special events/parties going on, so we want to make sure you experience the best of the best. We work with all the best venues in town, if you have a specific place you want to go, not a problem.

Additionally, we will finalize the payment and adjust the package if anyone had to drop out.

Step 7. Arrive in town

From the moment you arrive in town you will be greeted by us, and we will go over the itinerary and plans with the entire group (unless you want it kept secret). We will make sure it is to everyone’s satisfaction and make any modifications necessary.

We will personally walk you into all the key events, bypassing the lines at the nightclubs and strip clubs and set up your bottle services. We are also there to make any changes or additions you may want. And we always have a Plan B and C in case you want to mix things up.

Step 8. Recover!