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Why Use Us


No one in Montreal has personally planned and hosted more bachelor parties than us. There is nothing we have not seen or done before (No, we will not help you hide a body).


Over the years we have put in facetime with all the right people, and we are giving you access to our extensive network. We know who to call for what and how to get you exactly what you want.


We scour the industry to bring our clients the most innovative and exclusive party ideas. Nobody has been slapped in the face more times than us!


We have the connections to provide you with services that no other Montreal service can.


We, the owners, will plan and host your bachelor party and see it through to success. You will not be hosted by some unseasoned college kid looking to milk a tip.


We make planning painless by doing all the work for you. Just give us a little info about your dream bachelor party and we will take care of the rest.


We are upfront about who we are, what we do and most importantly what you are getting. All of our prices include taxes and there are never any hidden fees or gratuities.