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Best Day Drinking Destinations in Montreal: Hotel de la Montagne(NOW CLOSED)

Best Day Drinking Destinations in Montreal: Hotel de la Montagne(NOW CLOSED)

This is the official roadmap to help guide you on your quest to get the most out of day drinking during the course of your bachelor party in Montreal.

If you’re in the kind of group that doesn’t want to be hassled by daytime activities and would rather focus on getting mangled during the day and night, these are the places that will help you achieve those goals.

 Hotel de La Montagne

Hours: Everyday 11:30am-3am
Address: 1430 Rue de la Montagne

pictureHotel de la Montagne is the reigning champion of rooftop pools in Montreal. How did it achieve this illustrious status? Because it’s the only rooftop pool in Montreal!

Upon entering the hotel, you should feel as though you’ve been transported back to 80’s. Everything is dark, dated and faux-marble. Skip looking around and head right for the elevator. Although the hotel is terrible, you aren’t staying there, so who cares. There is no cover, no doorman, and no line-up unless you get caught in the elevator line.

pictureUpon arriving at the 20th floor, you’ll enter the “Terrace Magnetique” – a split level set of terraces, with a bar and wait staff on both. You’ll want to head to the second floor, where the pool is located. The view from the top of the hotel is stunning. The pool, on the other hand, is a different story. It might be the size of a large SUV. Alas, you didn’t come to the pool to show off your breaststroke, you came here to drink.

pictureThe drinks are standard, the food is all right, and the service is pretty bad. You must be thinking this place doesn’t sound too good. Wrong. There are tons of girls and the vibe is very laid back. More importantly, everyone is in a bikini. You’ll recognize some of the girls as they were probably giving you a lap dance the night before. Very often, our clients pick up a pack of girls then call either Oren or myself to change their night’s reservation size to accommodate their new “friends”.

 Pros: Girls, ‘Pool’, and rooftop terrace
Cons: Outdated, ‘Pool’