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Top 5 Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas

Top 5 Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love a bargain?
One of the biggest difficulties that comes with planning a bachelor party is having to accommodate various budgets. Here are some cheap bachelor party ideas that don’t skimp on the fun.

5. Stay at a 3-Star Hotel or Just Up the Occupancy

pictureIf your group is on a tighter budget, the hotel is a great place to cut the overall cost of the bachelor party. Just keep in mind that the cheaper the hotel, the worse the amenities. Also, if you are on an even tighter budget you can up the occupancy, but remember you will be sharing beds so make sure not to go out for a mexican night.

4. Go to a Montreal Strip Club

pictureIn other cities, such as Las Vegas, going to a strip club is as fiscally responsible as your last date ordering the surf and turf at Morton’s. However, going to one of the strip clubs in Montreal is one of the best cheap bachelor party ideas. The lap dances are only $15 per song and drinks are the same price as at a bar. Also, your buddy who just blew his nest egg on his wife’s cupcake business can sit in the pervert’s row (at the stage) all night nursing a beer without any pressure to tip or buy another drink. Those that want to make it rain can, and those that are experiencing a drought can relax with the group without feeling bad. Learn a little more about Montreal strip clubs here.

3. Check out a Bring Your Own Wine Restaurant

pictureMontreal has many great places to eat. There are also many bring your own wine restaurants throughout the downtown area. This allows you guys to stock up on some cheap beer or wine and not break the bank when the bill for the meal comes. You can also save serious cash if you are well versed in wines, as most places have huge markups.

2. Get Bottle Service

pictureAgain, the only place in the world where bottle service actually comes out cheaper is in Montreal. Not getting bottle service is a huge mistake, especially when throwing a bachelor party in Montreal. In Montreal, drinks are measured to 1 oz. of alcohol per mixed drink. That $12 Grey Goose drink at the bar is more expensive then buying a bottle for $250 ($12 X 26oz= $312). You are also gaining the status and convenience of bottle service at no cost, whereas you’re charged a premium for it in most other cities. Bottle service is a must if you want to save money. However, order the bottles in advance, unless you like to try and collect money from your friends when they are drunk. The excuses for not having money will be endless – this is why we include bottle service in our bachelor party packages.

1. Private Show at Your Hotel

pictureOur #1 cheap Montreal bachelor party idea is one that most people view as expensive. However, getting a private show at your hotel is a cost-effective solution that will actually take your bachelor party to the next level. While the private show might have an initial sticker shock, take into mind that the cost will be split among the group and that everyone will be thoroughly entertained for an hour. Compare the per person cost to getting a few lap dances with drinks at a strip club and the savings are obvious. Also, factor in that your minds will be blown by what you will witness and you have yourself the best cheap bachelor party idea out there.

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