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The Best Hotel Suites for a Bachelor Party in Montreal

The Best Hotel Suites for a Bachelor Party in Montreal

While we have already covered why you need a suite for you bachelor party, we have not yet listed which hotels offer the best suites for a bachelor party. Here are some of our favourites:

The Extreme Wow Suite at the W Hotel

pictureIf money is less of a concern than having the ultimate bachelor party, then the Extreme Wow Suite at the W Hotel in Montreal is an absolute must. It is their penthouse suite and is very impressive: 12,125 sq/ft, large balcony, 2 TVs, and a surround sound stereo. The W also has an outstanding reputation with the ladies in Montreal and the hotel itself is very accommodating to our guests. The only downside is this suite is mostly for partying as having only 1 king bed and a couch, it sleeps 1-2 people. We have the best rates on all the suites at the W, so if you are serious give us a call first we can literally save you hundreds off of the usual rate.

The Medium and Large Hospitality Suites at the Centre Sheraton

pictureThe Centre Sheraton is the best overall value for a bachelor party hotel in Montreal and their Hospitality suites are no exception. Both the Medium (900 sq/ft) and the Large (1,200 sq/ft) are exceptional choices for a bachelor party that is looking for the best value around. Not only are the suites nicely furnished, but unlike other suites, they can comfortably sleep 2 to 4 people as they have 2 queen beds and a pull-out couch.

The Presidential Suite at the Hotel 10

pictureThe Presidential suite at the Hotel 10 (formally the Opus Montreal, formally the Goudin Hotel) makes the cut not only because it is impressive (2 floors overlooking the city), but it is in the best location for a bachelor party being just one block from countless night clubs and bars. Like the W’s Extreme Wow Suite, this suite only has one king sized bed so it is more for partying than sleeping.

For the best deals at the montreal hotels or to add any of these suites to our bachelor party packages OR if you want to have a stand alone suite party, give us a call

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