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Top 5 Clubs to Pick Up Girls in Montreal

Top 5 Clubs to Pick Up Girls in Montreal

Top 5 Best Clubs in Montreal to Pick Up Girls

Montreal is a city that is world-renowned for its beautiful and “friendly” women. When coming in for a bachelor party, everyone always wants to know where the best clubs are to puck up girls in Montreal. Here at Connected, we’ve compiled a list to help you navigate the various meat markets.

5. Velvet

pictureIf you are into stylish, indie, hipster chicks that are model types and have a taste for champagne then Velvet is your place. Their club is located in the lower bowels of an Old Montreal auberge and the exposed brick and abundant candlelight sets the tone for this dark and sexy dungeon of a club. Nic and DL pack the place from Thursday to Saturday every week with beats provided by an eclectic mix of local and foreign DJs.

4. Rouge

pictureRouge has been the undisputed king of having the best girl to guy ratio anywhere in the city. Having recently been renovated, this two story club only seems to be getting better and better with each passing weekend. It is predominantly a French Canadian crowd, so brush up on some one-liners before hitting the club. Unfortunately it’s one of the toughest doors in town if you are a big group of guys.

3. Buonanotte

pictureBuonanotte has been catering to the city’s elite longer than you’ve been clubbing. Model-type waitresses and slick clientele are the norm. Going to Buonanotte is not like going anywhere else in the city. It has endured as an institution for over 20 years and it always brings out the best that Montreal has to offer. It frequently brings out the celebrities and, because of this distinction, there are usually a gaggle of hot women that follow. Remember, this place might not have the easiest women, but it definitely has the hottest. Getting in is sometime harder than picking up. But you won’t have that problem with us.

2. Pinq Taco

picturePinq Taco is a properly named small club/bar decorated completely in a dark pink on Saint-Laurent. It has two of the most creative minds in the industry cooking up some of Montreal nightlife’s most innovative ideas. Carlo and Joe know how to pack their intimate club with some of the best looking and friendly talent around. They are known to have the best happy hour in town and it doesn’t hurt that they have more Tequila choices then you can dream of. For the voyeur (or the exhibitionist) in you, they have a private booth in their basement that is streamed onto the TVs upstairs for everyone to see. Needless to say, it changed the meaning of the term “must-see TV”.

1. Muzique

pictureMuzique is a club that is about two years old and has recently been hitting its stride. Located on Saint-Laurent boulevard, this two-room club is widely known to have the best industry night in the city. Going there on Sunday night (industry night/ladies night) is a guarantee that you’ll bump into some of the hottest wait staff and French Canadian girls that the city has to offer.