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Top 5 Places to Grab a Craft Beer in Montreal

Top 5 Places to Grab a Craft Beer in Montreal

Montreal is know for it’s craft beers and micro breweries. Checking out one of these spots is a great bachelor party activity or even try them all by doing the legendary Montreal Bachelor Party Craft Beer Tour Disclaimer: If you order your steak-well done or think Heineken is a great beer. This list is not for you. This is for those who have taste buds.

5. L’Amère a Boire

pictureL’Amère a Boire is a local brewpub located right on Saint Denis Street. They make some really tasty beers, from a hefewezien to an excellent stout. The only problem is they only make 5 beers and have not changed their offerings in over 10 years. This is a great place to grab a beer or three then move on.

Pros: Great location, 5 great beers
Cons: They only make 5 beers

4. Broue Pub Brouhaha

picture An Uber ride away from downtown, Brouhaha is a great off-the-beaten-path bar offering some of the finest and rarest beers from all over Quebec. They brew some of their own beers which are excellent and they also have a great selection of European beers. English is not their forte so the more you drink, the better you will understand what is going on.

Pros: Great and rare beers
Cons: Not close to the downtown core

3. Vices et Versa

pictureVices et Versa is an excellent beer bar. They offer one of the best craft beer line ups in Montreal. However, they do not brew any of their own beers. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, but the crowd tends to skew younger. While it’s not in the downtown core, it’s close, located in Little Italy. You could stop there before or after getting some nice italian treats or an espresso to take the edge off those high ABVs. Vices Versa also has a nice patio and offers good bar food.

Pros: Amazing quebec selection, great staff
Cons: Not a brew pub, not downtown

2. St. Bock

pictureLocated on Saint Denis Street a few doors down from L’Amere a boire (#5), St. Bock is one of the best places to grab a craft beer in Montreal. They have the biggest selection of beers in Montreal as well as a nice on-tap selection featuring some of their own creations. They also have hard-to-find european brews, but expect to pay top dollar for them. St. Bock has a great patio and usually attracts [attractive] women. The food menu is also extensive and will help soak up all the booze. This is a must-stop for bachelor parties that will even satisfy the Corona drinkers in the group.

Pros: Best vibe and beer selection
Cons: Bottled beer is not cheap

1. Dieu du Ciel

pictureDieu du Ciel represents everything that is awesome about Montreal and its beer scene. It is a MUST try even if you remotely like beer. DDC is considered one of the best brew pubs in the world and one sip of their Peche Mortel or Aphrodesic and you will know why. Everyone except for #5 on our list serves at least one of their beers. In the true spirt of Montreal, this famous and popular spot is down to earth, friendly, cheap ($5-$8 for a beer) and offers a few bar snacks, though beer is definitely the focus here. Space is limited so come early.

Pros: The best beer in Montreal
Cons: Only serves their own beers, food is bar snacks only


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