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Top 5 Montreal Festivals for 2013

Top 5 Montreal Festivals for 2013

Montreal is known as the city of festivals, the city currently hosts over 100 festivals each year with the majority of them being held in the summer. It’s always nice to come to town when the city is buzzing and the energy is high. Each festival often has closed off streets and tons of things to see and do.  Here is a list of the 5 best Montreal festivals to attend while on a bachelor party.

Montreal F1 Grand Prix:picture

Montreal’s summer officially kicks off on Grand Prix weekend. Always scheduled for the first week of June, the grand prix brings out the best the city has to offer. Many of the main streets are closed to cars, and opened so that the public can walk the streets. Restaurants, Clubs and Bars get exteneded onto the street and the champagne flows non-stop. Models, Celebrities, Race Fans and Drivers litter the streets and superars are everywhere. Hotel prices double for the weekend with reservations only being secured with a three night stay. If you are a racefan or want the most intense bachelor party of your life, this is the weekend for you.

Grand Prix of Montreal: June 7th-9th

Montreal Beer Festival:picture

It’s always fun to have something to do during the day when you’re in town for a bachelor party weekend. This is one of our favourite festival for obvious reasons. The Montreal International Beer festival seems to grow each and every year. Now in it’s 2oth year the festival houses over one hundred beer purveours. If you have a beer loving crew, love day drinking then this is the festival for you. Interestingly enough, there are as many girls as guys and a great place to pickup. If you will not be in town for the beer fest be sure to check out some of these spots for amazing beer.

20th Annual Festival Mondial de la biere: May 29th-June 2nd


Dumb name, great music festival. If you’re familiar with Coachella, think about a tenth smaller and you have Osheaga. Montreals best music festival takes place on the same man made island where they race the grand prix. Three stages, lot’s of hipster chicks and some killer acts. If you like music, it’s a great way to incoporate this into your bachelor party. Be aware, like Grand Prix weekend, hotels sell out very early in the year, so plan accordingly.

Osheaga Music festival: August 2nd-4th

Jazz Festival:picture

The Jazz fest is the coolest of the festivals that Montreal throws. The jazzfest has morphed into more than just jazz and offers some really great bands.  There are too many headline acts to list, but like the Grand Prix, many of the main streets get closed down for foodtrucks, public outdoor stages and just a general good time. It’s awesome to have a pre-drink before you go out, listening to jazz and sitting under the stars.

Festival International de Jazz de Montreal: June 28th-July 7th.

Just for Laughs Comedy Festival:picture

The comedy fest is another event that takes over the city for a weekend. Same as the Jazz festival, there are a lot of cool food trucks and pop up bars that exist for only this weekend. Known as the biggest comedy festival in the world, every year the festival pulls the heavyweights of comedy. If you plan to go to a show, don’t miss out the nasty show, consistently one of the most offensive and funny shows of the festival. There are always huge headline acts as well (Cosby, Louie CK, Seinfeld, etc..) but be warned they sell out fast.

Just for Laughs: July 10th-July 28th.