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Topless Beer Pong: a great bachelor party activity

Topless Beer Pong: a great bachelor party activity


Part of your duties as best man are to find some great bachelor party activities. This can be especially tough during the day in Montreal. Unlike Vegas or New York, there are no real pool parties or boozy brunches (Bagatelle).  This is why we always recommend some type of in-suite activity for your group. Topless beer pong is always a crowd pleaser.

Our latest “skin-o-vation” arises from seeing our groups always playing beer pong in their suite. While a great activity we thought we could do better.  Which is why we are offering  Topless Beer Pong!

Throw a frat inspired party that would make make the tri-lambs proud. What better bonding experience for your bachelor party than getting drunk in the afternoon with some topless local hotties.

Co-ed Intramural level :

2 lovely locals for 2 hours  – $800

Pro Level:

4 girl tournament  with Midget Referee.  – $2,000


  • Midget ref – $400
  • Extra girls : $200/hour
  • Schwartz’s Catering $25/pp
  • Topless waitress  $225/hour
  • Official pong table – $50/afternoon
  • Nude pong – $MP
  • surprise lesbian show during closing ceremonies $600
  • Custom made trophy for the event  $100









Our U.S. representative (Boston office: 617.849.4853). One of Montreal Nightlife’s most recognized faces, Oren AKA “BIG OH” has been hosting and partying longer than his liver would like. Standing at 6’4 and weighing in at 250lbs, and hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the BIG OH is someone you definitely want in your corner. This American Import knows first-hand how to relate the Montreal experience to American tastes. A man who knows how to get things done, he’s been hosting nearly every weekend for the past 6 years. Chances are, if you or someone you know has been to Montreal, you’ve run into the BIG OH partying at Montreal’s finest venues or have had him host your group in the past. He takes pride in delivering the best experience possible and showing why Montreal is the best city to party in. Oren does whatever it takes to make our clients secure in the fact that they will be well taken care of in the city. He has traveled extensively worldwide and incorporates his experiences into tailoring a service that is enjoyable for all. A wealth of crazy bachelor party ideas. In his spare time he enjoys walking his dog Olive (Pit bull/Boxer mix) and SCUBA diving around the globe. View all posts by Oren