9am-10pm (EST)

Midget rental : A Little Person Goes a Long Way

dwart or little person rental in Montreal

Rates start at $500/2 hours

** Due to high number of calls/prank calls here is a mini FAQ ***

  • Yes this is real
  • We only service montreal, CANADA
  • Sorry we don’t have female midgets or stripper midgets (wish we did)
  • No, you cannot toss him

Want to make your bachelor party a huge success?

Then add a Midget rental (Little person) to the mix. We can add a little person to your bachelor party package ensuring you take your party to the next level. This small addition to your crew will have the biggest impact.

What can a Midget rental add to your bachelor party in Montreal?:

  •  -Have them be the Midget Bartender for your in suite party and serve up tall   boys or mixed drinks in high ball glasses.
  • -Escort you and your group into one or all the venues in town, no better way to make an entrance
  • -Have them party with you at your table at the club and get more ass than a toilet seat (No better way to get attention and attract girls). Think magnums and midgets
  • -Hire several to party with you the entire weekend
  • -Dress them up similar to the bachelor for their own personal Mini-me.

How many bachelor parties have you been on that had a Little person partying with them? A midget is far more memorable than any amount strippers!

This is a very popular option that only Connected Montreal can provide. Availability is in short supply.

Please contact us and we will make your dreams a reality and rent a dwarf.


NOTE: Connected Montreal is an equal opportunity employer. We offer our midget rental service to those that will be respectful. Our connections are what make us the best. We reserve the right to refuse service to any group or individual that is being harmful to any of our hired help.