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Back Stage Rider

back stage rider

Upon booking we will submit a bachelor party back stage rider form to everyone in your group ensuring they receive the royal treatment.

What is a rider?

A rider is a list of items a person wants in their room when they arrive. It is standard practice with celebrities. Here is an example of some legendary riders.

What items can I request:

We can provide almost anything within reason (And no we will not get you a tiger) most popular/useful items requested:

  • Food – from munchies to in room catering.
  • Alcohol – bottles in room or local micro brews.
  • Condoms.
  • energy drinks/ caffeine pills.
  • Pre-paid cell phones (Saves money and confidentiality).
  • Only available in Canada ( Tylenol with codeine, Muscle relaxers, 188 proof grain).
  • Sensitive items: since each person gets their own request form we can get you those extra-small condoms or male enhancers.
  • Prank items: we can stock the bachelor’s room however your group find fit from sex toys to posters of the bride to be.
  • Naked maid(s).
  • Midget bartender.