9am-10pm (EST)

Custom Bachelor Party Package

Customize your bachelor party however you want!

The truth is all of the bachelor party packages we offer are tailored to what you want. However you are always free to contact us and let us know exactly what you want. We can build a package for you regardless of group size or length of stay. We have created packages for groups as small as 2, or as big as 30+.

Use our services for:

  • Hosted entry to the nightclubs and strip clubs.
  • Rooms and suites at Montreal’s best bachelor party hotels.
  • Skipping lines or hassles at the door.
  • Tables at the best clubs.
  • Comprehensive weekend planning with detailed itinerary.
  • Midgets or Strippers for any situation: poker, bartenders, ¬†beer pong, jello wrestling, etc…

All services provided include all taxes and tips. There are never any hidden fees or last minute tipping.

Call us and have everything sorted in under 10min: