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Bachelor Party Planning Guide

Yes, there are other guides out there; however, a lot of the information is too vague in those guides to offer any real advice. At Connected Montreal, we will cut through the BS and provide you with a useful Bachelor Party Planning Guide based on our real experiences.

Talk to the groom

Find out what the grooms expectations are and what he is comfortable with. Don’t waste your time talking to the bride, the less she knows the better. Assure her that you will take care of him and he’ll come back in one piece. Gauge from your conversation how far you can push the envelope and who he would like to attend.

Make sure the group composition matches the tone of the party. Will it be a smaller group of close friends, or a general party where everyone is invited? There’s nothing worse than friends buying the groom lap dances while his future father in law is staring him down.

Pick the right date

The winter in Montreal is freezing and on certain weekends during the summer – such as the Montreal Grand Prix – it is impossible to find a hotel. Try not to have the bachelor party the weekend before the wedding, black eyes and belt whips take at least two weeks to recover from.

Tip: April – October are the busiest and best months for a bachelor party in Montreal

Bring the right people

Start inviting people, early and often. Guys drop out of bachelor parties at every stage of the planning process right up to boarding the plane, this is why you must invite a good amount of people – but more importantly, the right people. Don’t count on anyone. Make sure the invitees know whether you want to make the bachelor party a free for all or keep it quiet for only a select few.

Budgeting the party

Determine what your group wants to do, what is or isn’t important, and get an idea of what everyone wants to spend. When it’s a group of old friends budgets may vary, but when you are traveling with work colleagues budget may be less of an issue.

Determine the minimum amount that everyone is comfortable spending and plan accordingly, this can be a stressful stage especially if your group has varying income levels. Hide the costs if you don’t want to embarrass some of the attendees. You can drop them and be a dick, or see if others are willing to chip in for the poor bastard. Sometimes the attendees’ value is more than monetary. For example, you are all a bunch of successful computer engineers (geeks) and your old college roommate is still a real ladies man you might want him tagging along.

Collecting money in advance

We can’t stress enough how important this is. People are funny with money and usually spend more than they originally budgeted, leaving them with little to no cash at the end of the weekend. This leaves nothing for you if you fronted the cash.

You don’t want to return home and try to collect after the party is done. It takes a long time and usually doesn’t end well. Make your friends cough up their share while they are still sober and excited. Not collecting cash in advance will cause tension especially if you don’t know the people that well. When partying assume whatever money you’ll be lending is a loss.

Tip: open a separate bank account solely for the bachelor party.

Who’s doing the planning?

Are you going to keep the planning process solely between you and the groom or will you have an open forum with all of the attendees? This could foster great ideas or it could hamper the ease of the planning process.

Tip: Start a separate email account or thread if it is a secret engagement. DO NOT title any emails “Bachelor Party” or worse. Use something no one else wants to view such as “home depot deal” or “pictures of my kids”.

This bachelor planning guide is to help you start the basic steps, when you have that covered let us know and we can start making your dreams a reality with one of our bachelor party packages.