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No bachelorette Party Policy

While we still LOVE women, we just don’t want them as clients. The types of services and demands from bachelorette parties would ultimately hinder our ability to offer YOU the ultimate bachelor party service. Would you trust your dream bachelor party to a company that also does bachelorette parties?

Bachelorettes are the worst

What!? Are you guys nuts? It must be so much fun, and they must get crazy, right!? WRONG!

In previous years as hosts at another company, we were forced to take care of bachelorette parties. At first this seemed like a dream come true, though quickly it became a nightmare. Some of the most miserable times of our lives were spent taking care of a Montreal bachelorette parties.

We vowed that if we had our way we would never host another bachelorette party again. Which is why today we are glad to announce that WE DO NOT DO Montreal BACHELORETTE PARTIES.

Why we don’t want to deal with montreal bachelorette parties

But they must be fun and go crazy!?

Wrong, with women everything is about the excitement of the upcoming marriage and future ahead. While guys view it as a one last night/weekend. You will never see a montreal bachelorette party with “game over” shirts.

“We came together we leave together” is the motto for most women. They will view a girl straying from the group as disrespectful, while you and your buddies would celebrate such behavior.

Why we don’t take them on as clients

The nightlife industry is all geared toward (attractive) women. No (straight) guys go out just to dance. Let’s face it women have it easy. They hardly ever have to wait in any lines or pay for anything and have countless offers to come to the VIP lounge or to have a drink. Some leave the house with $20 and return with the same $20 and some change they found on the floor.

In reality, women would make less of a fuss paying $200 for a haircut than a bottle at a club. We can’t offer them a package based on their budget and expectations.

This is in your best interest.