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Activities for groups of guys

Montreal has plenty of activities for every type of person and every type of weather condition. Listed below are a few of our favorites.

Warm Weather Activities:


With over 80 courses close to the downtown core of Montreal, there’s plenty of golf to be played in Montreal. Whether you are a beginner looking to hack around, or a group that wants the very best, Montreal has you covered. The golf season typically starts around early April and lasts until snow hits the ground (early November).

Montreal Tam Tams

The Tam Tams have become a Montreal tradition. Every Sunday during the summer, hundreds of people – sometimes verging on thousands – congregate in Mont-Royal park to bang on drums, dance, relax, and enjoy the summer. The vibe is very laid back, perhaps due to the “herbal cigarettes” everyone is smoking.

Hotel de La Montagne Rooftop Pool (NOW CLOSED, R.I.P)

If you are looking to cool off, get a drink, and stare at some local eye candy, then there’s no better place to go than Hotel de la Montagne. Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, this rooftop pool is the place to be during a sweltering summer day. Although the pool might not be olympic sized, the overflowing crowds of people certainly don’t seem to mind.

Surfing in Montreal

Don’t mistake this local surfing spot with Hawaii, but if you’re looking for a cool activity to do during the day, head over to the Saint-Lawrence river (near the casino) to hang-ten. The river has naturally created two static waves that you can surf all summer long. If you don’t know how to surf and need all the gear, surfing lessons as well as board and wetsuit rentals are available.

Bike Tours

Because of the proliferation of BIXI stands (Rental Bikes) throughout the city, going on an impromptu bike tour around the city has never been easier. Go to one of the numerous BIXI stands in Montreal, rent a bike and be on your way.

Jet-Boating and Rafting

Another great way to beat the summer heat is going jet-boating on the Saint-Lawrence river. With the dock located conveniently in the old port, this one hour tour will allow you to see some of the Montreal cityscape as well as get soaking wet and cruise at ridiculous speeds on the Saint-Lawrence.


Montreal is a racing town at heart, that’s why the Grand Prix is such a big event. Montrealers also take their go-karting seriously. There are a handful of professional style GO-Karting tracks in the city that will make you feel like you’re an actual F1 driver.


With multiple indoor and outdoor paintball options there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than shooting your friends in the head with paint.

Micro Brewery Tours

It goes without saying that during the course of your bachelor party weekend you will be doing some day drinking. So why not do your day drinking in style and check out Montreal’s most famous micro breweries. With many scattered throughout Montreal and some a short distance away, you’ll be able to better educate yourself on how these delicious suds are made, and the best part of it all you’ll be able to sample lots and lots of the stuff.

Montreal Comedy Fest

Every year the Just for Laughs Comedy festivals hosts outdoor events in Montreal. Just for Laughs is one of the biggest festivals Montreal hosts over the summer. Every weekend from July 12-29 there are free outdoor comedy shows and events open to the public, definitely a must do daytime activity.

Montreal Jazz Fest

The Montreal International Jazz festival also offers up great free shows throughout the day and night. Starting June 28 and ending July 2nd, there is a wide array of concerts one can check out during the weekend.

Piknic Electronik

Piknic Electronik can be best described as an outdoor rave that’s slightly more chilled out. It is a Sunday event that runs from 2pm in the afternoon all the way until 10pm at night. Located at Parc Jean Drapeau it is an ideal setting for a nice summer day/evening.