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Montreal VS Las Vegas

montreal vs las vegas

Here are a few noticeable differences between Vegas and Montreal:

• Vegas is big, Montreal is small.
• Price difference.
• Vegas is a tourist destination whereas Montreal is a historical and cultured city.
• Everything in Montreal is very central.
• Montreal comes alive in the summer.
• Vegas isn’t as authentic.
• In Montreal, you are able to choose between having a cultured or all out debaucherous bachelor party. There is something here for everyone.
• There are no lavish VIP sections, with personal security guards and dedicated wait staff.
• Every Bar + Club closes at 3am as opposed to staying open 24hrs. You cannot buy booze after that. There is no smoking in the clubs. And you cannot drink on the street.

Best time for a bachelor party in Montreal

The best time for a bachelor party in Montreal is during the Spring, Summer and Fall, especially during festival season. The winter is very cold, but if you are willing to brave it there are still plenty of parties to be found.

What makes a bachelor party unique in Montreal?

• The people
• Food culture
• The Supperclubs.
• You can be a big fish in a small pond instead of competing with the douchebags elsewhere.
• You are partying in North America’s best Sin City!

Different types of bachelor parties in Montreal

• Culinary
• Non traditional bachelor party ideas in Montreal

How much should I budget for a bachelor party in Montreal?

Each group has different tastes and different budgets, but to have a good time you can expect to pay as little as 300$ a person all the way up, depending on what you want to do.