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Montreal Casino and Gambling

Montreal Casino

The Casino de Montreal is Montreal’s only casino, located about 10 minutes from downtown Montreal. The casino has all the table games and slots that you would expect from any similar Vegas casino as well as a large poker room. In Quebec it is prohibited to drink on the Casino floor so all alcoholic beverages must be consumed at one of the in-Casino bars.

Casino Reservations

Reservations can be made for a private table of your choice after qualification
A private table can also be reserved for bigger groups who want to gamble privately.

Sports Books

There are currently no sports books in Montreal.

Topless Dealers

If going to the Casino is too much of a hassle and regular poker dealers aren’t cutting it, let us set up a private table in the comfort of your suite with a gorgeous topless poker dealer. WE assure you it will blow any previous Casino experience away.