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General Information


Montreal weather varies from extreme to extreme, the winters are long and cold and the summers are short, hot and humid. Having to endure such harsh winters, Montrealers make sure they take full advantage of summer.


Montreal Nightlife
Montreal is quickly becoming one of North America’s hottest nightlife destinations. With its liberal attitude and proliferation of bars and clubs, Montreal is the place to be for exciting nightlife.

Festivals – events calendar

Montreal is a city of festivals, a tradition that peaks in early to mid summer but continues year round. Please SEE OUR EVENTS CALENDAR


Montreal is home to 3 professional sports teams, the biggest draw being the Montreal Canadiens. If you are in town during the hockey season there is no other place in the world better than watching a hockey game in Montreal.


Why Montreal

Why Montreal?
Montreal VS Vegas
Montreal is a hidden gem located a few hours from most major US cities. It is the culinary capital of North America and has a very liberal attitude when it comes to enjoying life. Prices are reasonable and the locals are friendly.


You can find it all, from the biggest American chain hotels to unique bed and breakfast or auberges (Rustic Inn).