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Why Montreal strip clubs?

Why Montreal Strip clubs :

Here are some of the top reasons (in no particular order) why Montreal strip clubs are so popular:

• Full contact: better described as two-hand touch. you can touch the girls (sans-bikini area) during your dance.
• Private lap dance: all dances are done in the privacy of a booth at no extra cost.
• Free entrance to perverts row: people do not tip the girls on stage so you can sit by the stage all night if you prefer, no need to make it rain…
• Proximity: there are dozens of strip clubs scattered throughout downtown. Chances are your hotel is down the street from one, making it a blessing or a curse.
• Cost: lap dances and drinks are much cheaper than most major US cities such as Las Vegas ($10-15 a dance under $10 a drink)

• Lesbianism: it’s legal here. YES. you read that right. Can’t do that in the US!

why montreal strip clubs are so popular
• The girls: laid-back and friendly locals not post-communism imports.
• Nudity: alcohol and full-nudity (for the girls) is a standard at every strip club in Montreal.

If you need to really ask why Montreal strip clubs are so popular give us a call and we can walk you through some details we rather not put out for everyone to see. We are the strip clubs experts after all…

Tip: when getting a lap dance it is always advised to either pay in advance or count your songs. Booze and Boobs are a fantastic distraction that could cost you a lot. This is one of the best pieces of advice we can give!