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Montreal Urban Dictionary


While everyone in Montreal speaks English there are some unique terms and slang you should know so you do not look like a complete tourist. This is our Montreal urban dictionary


A Montreal delicacy! french fries with cheese and gravy. Known as disco fries in the Tri-state area. A must try and everywhere has it. There are some places that only serve variations of Poutine 24hrs a day such as La Banquise. If you are drunk after the bars/clubs close Poutine will seem like a great idea. Trust us, it is way tastier than you think. When in Rome….

Smoked Meat

Known to the rest of the world as hot pastrami or smoked brisket. Montreal Smoked meat is far Superior than anything you will get at a New York deli (that’s right). Schwartz’s is the king of smoked meat in Montreal and is worth the long lines. If you want to avoid long lines go at an off hour such as after 2pm or before 5pm.


More commonly referred to as a dep. is the Quebec term for a convenience/corner store. Ask a local “where is the closest dep. I can buy cigarettes” and you will look like a pro.


The most common French Canadian swear/curse. It has nearly become the same as “fuck” and its derivatives in its usage. Correct usage: “I spilled my beer. Tabarnak!” Incorrect usage “Let’s tabarnak!”.

Loonie and Toonie

Loonie referrers to the Canadian dollar coin (there are no dollar bills) that has a Loon on it. The toonie is the two dollar coin.


The subway system in Montreal.



Cinq à sept

Pronounced “Sank-a-set” translates to “5 to 7” know as Happy Hour to Americans. This is where you find the after work crowd. Thursday and Friday are the best days for Cinq à sept.

The Habs

The Montreal Canadians hockey team. Habs is short for the teams french nickname “Les Habitants”.

Montreal tuxedo

Play on the Canadian Tuxedo. A Habs jersey, suitable for hockey games, weddings, funerals, and other formal functions.