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Why Montreal in 2017 for your bachelor party is going to be great.

Montreal 375

What does this mean for you? Nothing.
Should you actually care that it’s the 375 anniversary of Montreal? Not at all, what you should care is that the city is wasting as much money as possible to make it care and the only people it will advantage of you
More tourists, aka girls
More daytime activities

New Clubs

Like every year, in the new out with the old. While some of the favorite clubs have closed down, others are still going strong. Clubs open and close as fast as strippers change their relationship status in this city.

This year there seems to be more clubs opening than ever before. This helps the scene stay fresh but that means there is more to navigate in order to find an actual “hotspot”. That is why we are here, we spend countless dollars on drinks as research development so you don’t have to, finding you the best places in the city, with the hottest girls.

More daytime activities

Perennial favorites like go-karts, paintball, jet boating, and whitewater rafting are always options, there have been a few new activities that have become popular with bachelor parties. Axe throwing, escape rooms, and beer tours are some new and exciting options to enhance the free time during the day.

House options
There has been a shift in focus when it comes to lodging, we have some of our housing options built specifically for bachelor parties. Why look anywhere else?

Posted on: 16 Apr 2017
Posted by: Oren
Why Montreal Is The Best Party City On Earth During Grand Prix Weekend

Montreal is known far and wide as one of the best party cities in the world. That’s Montreal on a regular basis. It’s got one of the hottest nightlife scenes on the face of the earth, but when it’s Grand Prix Weekend, Montreal steps it’s game up to a whole other level. It becomes Montreal on steroids. The parties are wilder, the cars are more expensive, and ballers spend more, and the girls… OH the girls! Plus, there’s the whole reason that everyone assembles like they do: the Grand Prix race. However, with every passing year, the focal point is less and less about the race and more and more about the spectacle of the weekend. 

For starters, it’s when all the best parties happen. You can’t turn a corner without running into a VIP event. It’s like every bar, every club, and every venue in Montreal is hosting a special event, all happening the same weekend. Why is this? Because everyone that matters is in Montreal. Grand Prix weekend brings in all the celebrities and all of the top-tier ballers who are looking to spend exorbitant amounts of money to show off. The amount of money being tossed around during Grand Prix weekend is mind-boggling to even consider. 


Another huge aspect of the weekend is the cars, obviously. The streets get filled up with some of the most expensive and exotic automobiles that you’ve ever seen. It’s a far cry from Montreal’s typical snow-infested streets we’re so accustomed to in the winter months. Every other vehicle is a quarter-million-dollar sports car or a huge truck on 26-inch spinning rims. It’s like the entire circumference of downtown Montreal is turned into a rap music video from 2004 for an entire weekend. 

Do you know what wild parties, money-spenders, and fancy cars usually goes hand in hand with? Beautiful women! It’s a very simple and logical equation. I believe it was a quote from the classic baseball movie Field Of Dreams: “if you build it, they will come.” If you combine all those aspects together, you’re all but guaranteed there will be some FINE women there as well. It’s science, really. 

Needless to say, Montreal during Grand Prix weekend is like nothing else on the planet. It’s what happens when you take an already-incredible party city and pump it with luxury cars, big spenders, and gorgeous ladies. The result is some of the most insane parties on the face of the planet and a MUST destination location for any party-seeker. It’s not just about a bunch of fast cars driving in a circle anymore. 


Posted on: 15 Jan 2016
Posted by: Tyler Lemco
Five Montreal Restaurants for Gluttons

Montreal is a city of great food. There are a lot of amazing restaurants and deliciously dishes, but if you’re a glutton in Montreal I would suggest checking out one of these.

Best Gastronomy: Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon is somewhat of a legend in Montreal. They have a unique menu of foie gras and other delicacies, but in hungry portions. Their particularly Canadian foie gras poutine is probably the most gluttonous meal you can get and is understandably a must-try. This restaurant actually has a defibrillator on site and their staff is trained in CPR. This place should definitely be taken seriously.

Best Cultural Feast: Le Milsa

This place is an all you can eat Brazilian barbecue joint. They have about 10 varieties of meat that they bring around to your table until you regretfully can’t eat anymore. It’s a great place to bring a big group of guys but not so great for vegetarians. Sometimes they bring out some Samba dancers. It’s an all around party for gluttons and you will probably have a hard time leaving this place.

Best All You Can Eat: Poutineville

Let’s start off by saying the obvious: there is a lot of great poutine in Montreal. Everyone has their own take on it – more gravy, bigger cheese curds, crispier french fries – but there’s one place in town that consistently serves amazing, yet classic poutine. Poutineville is the place. They also allow you to create your own personal poutine. But honestly, that’s not the best part. Especially for those masochistic gluttons out there, Tuesdays are now all you can eat poutine nights. This is definitely one of the top things to do in Montreal for a tourist.

Best Casual Stuffing: Rotisserie Romados

Portuguese chicken has been perfected at Romados. Their portions are very generous and, once you get to the chicken under the mountain of delicious french fries, you will understand how chicken is supposed to taste. This family run joint has been around for years and is an institution in and of itself. There will always be a line (but you can order ahead) and it’s a lot more take-out friendly but there are a few tables in the place. On Sundays, you can take the chicken to go and eat it at Tam Tams not far off. Let me tell you, this place is worth it.

Best Hangover Cure: Ruby Rouge

For those of you who have never experienced dim sum before, think Chinese tapas usually served for brunch. As people come around with their carts filled with dumplings and various fried dishes, you get to scoop up anything you want and instantly enjoy it. You can even dare a friend to eat a fried chicken foot or another one of the more exotic dishes. I am at Ruby Rouge every Sunday and, believe me, this is as close to a hangover cure as you’re going to get. You know it’s good when you are one of the only white guys in the place. Also, it’s dirt cheap.

Posted on: 01 Aug 2014
Posted by: Oren
What to wear in Montreal during Winter

What to Wear in Montreal during Winter

Montreal is in the midst of its seasonal transition from Fall to Winter. Traveling to the city when the snow starts falling is the perfect time to visit. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to wear in Montreal during winter and being a native Montrealer, I know how easy it can be to choose comfort over style when the temperature dips. No matter how brutal weather conditions might get though, style remains at the forefront here. We’ve compiled a list of some of the winter season’s best looks, as well as what shops you should buy them at while in town.


The Winter Jacketpicture

You’ll be needing a warm coat when the mercury drops – a cool bomber or a stylish winter coat will definitely do the trick. Since Montrealers know how to embrace the cold stylishly there’s a plethora of cool shops you can pick up a cool winter jacket.

Where to Buy:
Men’s – 1150 de Maisonneuve Ouest.
Ogilvy – 1307 Sainte-Catherine Ouest.



The blowing winds of winter have a way of creeping up your leg. It has been said many a time, that the first thing a woman notices about a man are his shoes. Wearing your boat shoes in a January snowstorm will only make you look like a fool but that doesn’t mean you want to bust out your arctic boots just yet. For a boot that’ll keep your style points in check and won’t chill you out, run to these shops for some of the best selection in town.

Where to Buy:
Browns – 1191 Sainte-Catherine Street Ouest.
Holt Renfrew – 1300 Sherbrooke Street Ouest.


Layering is a well known secret to any Montrealers heat game. Layering with style though takes a certain level of craftiness and retail acumen. It’s all too easy to turn into the Michelin man because of all the layers that you’ll be sporting. Be smart and remain stylish. Here are a couple shops that you might want to indulge in for some great tops.

Where to Buy:
Boutique Duo – 24 Prince Arthur Ouest
Michel Brisson – 1074 Laurier Ouest or 384 Saint-Paul Ouest

Winter Hats, Scarves, Glovespicture

You’ve taken care of all the essentials so now it’s time to pick up some accessories. Without a proper hat, gloves and scarf, all your efforts will have been all for naught.

Where to Buy:
Simons – 977 Sainte-Catherine Ouest.
Club Monaco – 1455 Peel 


Posted on: 28 Nov 2012
Posted by: Rod
Montreal Bachelor Party Hotels: The Opus Hotel(Now Hotel 10)

Montreal Bachelor Party Hotel Spotlight: The Opus hotel.picture

This is the first in our series of the best Montreal bachelor party hotels. When traveling to Montreal for a bachelor party, choosing the right hotel should be at the top of everyone’s list. That’s why we decided to start the series with a sleek boutique hotel called the Opus.

Why We Love the Opus:

Prime Location for a Bachelor Party

The Opus Hotel is conveniently located on the corner of Sherbrooke Street and Saint-Laurent, directly in the heart of the nightlife action. 1 block from some of the best Montreal nightlife. This contemporary hotel is expertly designed and decorated and was selected by Condé Nast magazine as one of the worlds hottest hotels.

KOKO Supper Club at the Opus Hotel

pictureThe hotel is home to KOKO, one of the cities finest supper clubs and SUCO, a sleek lounge. Staying here allows you the luxury of not even leaving your hotel, as all the partying can be done in-house. The Opus gets busy on the weekends with KOKO staying open till 3am on both Friday and Saturday.

Stunning Rooms

Deluxe RoompictureDeluxe rooms are available with two queen beds or one king-sized bed and range from 325-500 square feet. Note: Rooms with 2 beds are in limited supply
Executive Suite pictureExecutive Suites are contemporary two-room suites ranging from 665-780 square feet, including a King-sized bed and two bathrooms.
Presidential SuitepictureThe Grand Daddy of them all is the Presidential Suite, which is a two floor Penthouse overlooking the city. Only available on request.


If your bachelor party is looking for a stylish hotel that is right in the center of the action, with the party at your doorstep, we couldn’t recommend staying at a better hotel.

We have some of the best rates around at The Opus and we can add The Opus Hotel in Montreal to one of our bachelor party packages. For reservations, contact us at 1.877.690.4919.

Posted on: 28 May 2012
Posted by: Rod
Montreal Sports Teams: Check Out a Game

A great idea when in town for a bachelor party is to check out a local sports team. Although the beloved Montreal Expos have moved (R.I.P.), there are still several great options to get your sports fix.

The Montreal Canadiens

pictureWhen you think of Canada, you instantly think of hockey. As popular as you think hockey is in this country, it’s even bigger in Montreal. When the Habs (French slang for the team) are playing the city literally stops. It’s a really big deal here. Every restaurant, from the swankiest to the scummiest will have the game on. Going to a Canadiens game is a great experience that should not be missed. The atmosphere at a regular season game rivals the post-season atmosphere of any other team. If the Habs are fortunate enough to make the playoffs, it is an experience like no other. The hockey season runs from October-April and May/June if there are playoffs. Don’t expect tickets to be cheap, but you can get seats from scalpers starting at anywhere from $50-$100 on the low-end.

Montreal Alouettespicture

The Montreal Alouettes, or locally referred to as the Als, is our Canadian Football team (CFL). The CFL has different rules than the NFL and, while the level of play is not the same, it is a real blast to go to one of their games. Best of all, the CFL season runs during the summer so it’s sure to cure anyone’s football fix. The Als also play in a beautiful outdoor stadium overlooking Mount Royal which adds even more to the experience. Tickets for the game are also very affordable with prices starting at $25.

Montreal Impact

The Impact is Montreal’s soccer club. This is the first year that the Impact are in the MLS so it’s a great option for those diehard soccer fans. The Stadium where they play, Stade Saputo, is an outdoor Stadium located in the east end of town, next to the Olympic Stadium. Going to an Impact game is an exciting affair, if you consider soccer to be an exciting sport.

When coming into town with a large group of guys, it’s always an easy sell to check out one of the local sports teams. If you would like tickets to a game don’t hesitate and contact us. We have the best connections in town!

Posted on: 25 May 2012
Posted by: Oren
Why the Summer Is Amazing for a Bachelor Party

Summer in Montreal is the best time to visit, especially for a bachelor party. Here is why:

The Weather (Duh)

While the winters here are TERRIBLE, the summer months are amazing. The weather is very nice from May to October. Temperatures can get as high as the 90s making you forget just how cold it gets here in the winter. This is great for a bachelor party in the summer as you can expect it to be warm and sunny. Just remind everyone to pack their deodorant.

The Girls

Montreal girls are beautiful and, best of all, friendly. The winters here are so brutal that everyone takes full advantage of the warm summer months. This means that there will be LOTS of scantily clad ladies out and about for you and your buddies to chat with. Just walking the streets becomes an event.

The Patios

The patios (referred to as “terraces” by locals) are the places to be during the day. Montreal has tons of bars and restaurants which will set up tables and chairs either on the terrace or the sidewalk. If there is sun, you want to be outside when drinking and hanging out. Crescent street and Saint Denis are home to some of the best daytime drinking patios.

Sunday Bonus

If your bachelor party is in town on Sunday, then visiting Mount Royal is a must. Called the Tam-Tams, or just “The Tams”(french for bongo), it is the daytime event. The Tams is basically like going to the beach, minus the sand and water. Everyone just hangs out (usually stoned) in the park near the Sir George Etienne Cartier Monument. There are lots of girls in Bikinis for all the guys in your group to stare at or chat up. There is also a large drum circle and live action role playing which is interesting depending on your mental state.

Posted on: 23 May 2012
Posted by: Oren
Divorce Party: Why Men Don’t Throw Them

One of the hottest event planning trends today is having divorce parties. Just one of the many reasons to have a party for every occasion.  While we are the best at throwing bachelor parties in Montreal, it would seem that we would throw one hell of a divorce party.

How popular are divorce parties in Montreal?

We were actually one of the first people to launch a Montreal divorce party package. How did it go? Never booked one. Why? Because every guy is broke after a divorce! Should your remaining 50% leave you completed to throw a party, give us a call and we will make it a painless experience.

Posted on: 18 May 2012
Posted by: Oren
Overdressed at a Bachelor Party

While it is of the utmost importance to dress well when hitting up Montreal’s Nightlife, should you by no means look like you’re about to go to a work conference.

Every weekend, we see countless guys at nightclubs who are far too overdressed. We understand that you want to stand out, but don’t do it for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way.

This basically means leave the suits at home. When a group of guys walk into a club wearing their best “men’s warehouse” suits, it screams Senior Prom. You’ll end up looking like someone’s Dad and be sweating through that polyester in no time.

So do us a favor, save the suits for the wedding.

Posted on: 14 May 2012
Posted by: Rod
Why a Good Host is Important for a Bachelor Party

The biggest benefit of using a bachelor party planning service is the host. While you might not think that’s the case, a host can really make or break your weekend of fun in Montreal. These are the benefits of having a good bachelor party host.

He knows how to handle any situation:

There is no school for planning and hosting bachelor parties. It takes years real experience to learn how to deal with any situation. You name it, it has probably happened to us.

A good host always has a plan B and C:

Things change all the time, even the best known hot spots can have an off nights. A good host will have back up plans and tables at other clubs ready to go.

He always knows where the best parties are in Montreal:

Sometimes, the best parties are pop-up events at venues that are around just for a night. Only true insiders, such as ourselves, know where these events happen. We know all the big players in the Montreal nightlife scene.

He can get the party going:

Often, large groups of guys at a bachelor party come from all parts of the bachelor’s life. Having a host can help make things a little less awkward and get everyone hyped up.

A good host can wrangle the strippers/girls:

We know all the best girls and are very friendly with them. This benefits you in all the ways you thought possible. We’ve put in the time and effort for you.

A host is crucial. Their experience and connections are crucial. Always insist on speaking with the host of you bachelor party prior to booking with any so-called VIP company in Montreal. If you don’t have access to the host or they are terrible on the phone how good do you really think they are? Give us a call at 1.877.690.4919 to talk to any one of our hosts and you will see that we walk the talk.

Posted on: 11 May 2012
Posted by: Oren