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Top 5 Bottles to Order for Bottle Service

Top 5 Bottles to Order for Bottle Service

Do bottle service the right way! If you are going out to a nightclub in Montreal, bottle service is a must. When the bottle menu arrives, make sure you order the right kind of alcohol for your party. 4 of our top 5 bottles to order on this list are Vodka. Why? Because almost everyone drinks vodka and it mixes with practically anything, and most importantly, girls love it.

5. Patron Tequila

pictureWhile the thought of tequila might instantly bring back memories of a night of regrets, this is not that kind of tequila. Patron is a quality tequila and has gained status in the bar/club scene. Tequila is one of the hottest trends in Montreal nightclubs and Patron leads the way. Order a bottle and the party is sure to get crazy. Girls love tequila shots, and so should you.

4. Crystal Head Vodka

pictureThe nightlife industry is founded on gimmicks and flash. Crystal Head Vodka from Canada is certainly no exception, but we have to admit it’s pretty cool. Vodka that comes in a glass skull is a sure fire way to standout, get attention, and it’s always a good conversation starter with the ladies.

3. Ketel One

pictureThis Dutch vodka brand offers no gimmicks or flashy bottles, but it’s smooth and has a great taste. Often, Ketel One can be cheaper (some times under $200 a bottle) and Ketel One is the vodka-drinker’s vodka. but really, who can really taste the difference between GOOD vodkas?

2. Grey Goose

pictureIt’s the most popular premium vodka out there and it’s the brand that started it all. The brand power and perception that the French vodka producer has built is hard to beat. Their bottles are iconic and it has almost become standard operating procedure to order a Grey Goose when ordering bottles. As the traditional option, ordering Grey Goose will give your table instant class.

1. Belvedere

pictureThis Polish vodka company has been around for ages, but has made a real push into the nightlife scene lately. They offer a great tasting, smooth vodka in a number of large bottles. We love their 3-litre and 6-litre bottles. The 6-litre bottle is MASSIVE and should come with a lifeguard or at least someone to help pour it. Either way, a giant bottle of Belvedere commands attention and it’s a surefire way to guarantee one hell of a night.

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