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Montreal Grand Prix Packages 2013

F1 Montreal

Why experience the Montreal Grand Prix weekend?

The Canadian Grand Prix is on par with the Super Bowl for Montreal. It brings to town F1 race fans and big time party goers from all over the world.

This is the most exclusive and most expensive weekend in Montreal; however, with the right connections it can be the best. We’ll make sure you don’t crash and burn!

 Montreal  Grand Prix Packages

Luxury hotel room (Center Sheraton) and GOLD tickets to the race:Occupancy   3 Nights   4 Nights
Single           $2075         $2575
Double         $1435         $1735
Triple           $1169         $1375
Quad            $1050        $1185

Nightlife services start at $100pp/day

• Access and hosts to the best parties and club with guaranteed tables at the hottest restaurants.
• VIP booths at the most popular strip clubs
• Bottle service at the best night clubs
• Hosted entry into all the best parties and set you up with bottle service

From private parties to your own box at the race. Party with the drives? not a problem! Let us know what you want and we will take care of the rest.

1-877-690-4919 packages sellout every year.
*prices do not include taxes*

Is Grand Prix right for you?

Pairing the biggest weekend in Montreal with your bachelor party can either be a recipe for success or disaster. Because of high demand, prices are significantly higher than any other weekend. Montreal during Grand Prix is not for the price sensitive.

If price is less of a concern, Grand Prix will take your bachelor party to a whole new level. The atmosphere is like no other; clubs expand, major streets are closed off to traffic and celebrities are abound. This weekend is often less about the race and more about the parties. Large groups must be mindful that venues require purchase commitments during this weekend.