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Why Montreal Strippers Are The Best Asset For Your Bachelor Party

Montreal does two things better than anyone else: Food and  Girls. The food scene is one of the best in the world and Montreal strippers are some of the wildest. The rest is average at best. Luckily, these two things alone contribute to a great bachelor party.

Since your foodie hipster buddy with the Yelp elite account and the Bourdain poster in his cubicle at We Work “knows” all the best spots to eat, we will touch on his uncharted territory; woman, in particular the best kind of girls for a bachelor party, strippers. The kind of girls that bring a smile to men’s faces and strike fear into the hearts of your significant other.

First off, if you’re coming to Montreal and you’re not interested in strippers, please click here.

Why are Montreal strippers so good?


For starters there are TONS of them. Due to a lack of decent paying jobs and abundance of hot girls with lesser morals (Philly 12’s and Boston 11’s), there are way more strippers per capita than in the U.S.


Compared to Vegas or Miami (still paying off my visa bill from Scarlett’s), the strippers in Montreal are pennies on the dollar. For example, a 2 girl show at your Airbnb/hotel is only $600 an hour! In Montreal strip clubs, the lap dances are only $15/song. Any way you slice it, it is a buyer’s market so best to stock up on strippers.


Sure there are cheaper “strippers” in Costa Rica or hotter ones in Moscow, but let’s face it, after 10 minutes you’ll want to give yourself the David Carradine treatment. Simply put, the strippers in Montreal are chill, friendly, and fun. Their attitude really shines in a group setting and can turn the party from lame to legendary. Even your cheap friend nursing a beer all night will enjoy the banter and won’t believe the girls genuinely want to talk to him.

Willingness To Do Things On The Cheap (Sorry they still won’t bang you)

So how do you cash in on all these young, fun strippers? Easy. Call us 1-877-469-4919. Not only do we know more strippers then the local Planned Parenthood, we know how to incorporate Montreal strippers into fun situations that will become the piece de resistance of your bachelor party.

Here are some of the more popular  Montreal stripper activities we offer:

Topless Beer Pong $800 – 2 girls/2 hours

Throw a frat inspired party that would make make the tri-lambs proud. What better bonding experience for your bachelor party than getting drunk in the afternoon with some local topless  hotties.

Montreal Strippers


Private Lesbian Show $600 (per hour) or $1200 for a 4 girls show

The ultimate experience for a Bachelor Party in Montreal. Two hand picked girls will arrive at your hotel and put on a show that you will save in the memory vault for years to come. Show includes all tips and no scary bouncers.


Legs and Eggs Topless Brunch $800+

Erase your hangover with two topless chefs cooking up a breakfast buffet in the buff, we call it “Legs and Eggs”

Montreal Strippers


College Girl Pub Crawl $600+

2 (or more) young girls will take you and your buddies on a pub crawl.  Why do a boring brew pub tour with “foodies”? Instead, you can be lead around by 2 young hotties with low GPAs and lower aspirations.  We can tailor the pub crawl to any specifications or theme from beer golf to craft brews. Let us know how sloppy you want to get.


Brisket and Breasts / Schwartz’s Smoked Meat Catering $25pp plus $300 per girl

Why wait in line for hours when we can deliver smoked meat straight to you pipping hot, or take it to the next level and have some topless girls serving it to you on a platter.
Strippers In Montreal


Limos and Lesbians

Arriving by air? Start the weekend off right. We will pick you up at the airport with a fully stocked limo/party bus (beer included) with two montreal strippers performing an intimate show all the way to your hotel/house.

Naked Sushi $1500+

If you want the ultimate bachelor party in Montreal then body sushi is the way to go. Often people call us and ask for a crazy bachelor party idea, this is it.  Often referred to as naked sushi or by its Japanese name, “Nyotaimori”, it is an experience like no other.

Montreal Strippers


Lesbian Show At A Steakhouse $1000

Like to multitask? Dine in a private room at one of Montreal’s finest steakhouse’s, and for dessert, we’ll have two girls put on the show of a lifetime.

Cigars, Strippers and Scotch (variable pricing $)

Three things your wife hates to smell on you. Rent out your own private cigar lounge and stock it however you want. Cigars, strippers, and scotch, this is the best of the best.

Jello Wrestling $3000

Strippers in Montreal

Create the royal rumble of your dreams. 4 Montreal strippers battling it out in the jello of your choice, with a midget referee.

Midget Lesbian Show

sadly  like the holy grail this is still the stuff of legend  (if you’re under 4” tall and in a committed, loving lesbian relationship call us ASAP)

Fat Girl Show, $800 + plus food for the girls

Sure anyone can find hot girls in Montreal but we found the ones that are sure to leave an impression on the bachelor and your sofa.

Naked Waitress $200/hr

Topless Poker Dealer $225/hr


Posted on: 04 May 2018
Posted by: Grant Simon
Best Value For Your Bachelor Party In Montreal

We’d say these tips are the best bang for your buck, but you’d get the wrong idea. Connected Montreal has been in the bachelor planning business for over a decade so we’ve seen every bachelor party success and failure out there (some we wish we could unsee). We know your weekend will include a healthy dose of booze and boobs with an unmistakable wafting odor of regret and broken dreams. Let us help you save some money, set you up nicely for your divorce party, and have one of the best weekends of your life in Montreal. These add-ons are the best value out there for your bachelor party.

Bachelor Party House Rental

Unlike Las Vegas, Montreal’s hotel suites do not have multiple bedrooms. A presidential suite at any of the top hotels in Montreal will cost you at least $2,000 a night and can only sleep 1 or 2 people. Our house rentals, however, offer incredible value for any group. They are the same cost per night, but sleep 15+ and have extra amenities such as pool tables, BBQ, and Ping Pong. They are bachelor party friendly with large open space for your entire group and all are ideally located near the hottest bars and clubs in Montreal.    

Bachelor House

Supper Clubs

What is a supper club you ask? Great question. A supper club is a restaurant that after dinner, dims the lights, and the place turns into a club. They are extremely exclusive and are difficult to get into without connections since they have some of the hottest girls and models on staff.  Supper clubs offer tremendous value for your group by allowing them to stay in one place to have dinner and party. Your group won’t have to deal with the logistics of moving around. Luckily for you, we are in the know and can get you into some of the best supper clubs in Montreal.  


We have bad news and good news. The bad news is Montreal’s pool party game is weak due to bad weather for most of the year. The good news, however, is that strippers don’t care about the weather and getting a show is a great daytime activity that’s also a lot cheaper than any pool party VIP. The show we recommend to bring your bachelor party to the next level is a two-girl lesbian show or relive your college days, playing topless beer pong with strippers in the privacy of your hotel or bachelor pad. We have done demanding research (someone has to) looking high and low across Montreal for the best looking, fun girls for your viewing pleasure. Your welcome. Who wouldn’t want two young, smoking hot girls going at each other right in front of you? To our knowledge, there is not one guy that has come away from the show disappointed, but there are many guests who regret not getting the private show. Don’t have regret, get the show.



If you know anything about Montreal, you know that trying smoked meat is a must while visiting the city. Visit on a weekend though, and you could be facing at least an hour waiting in line. Nothing makes a hangover worse than standing in line. Instead, skip the line, stay drunk by playing some topless beer pong with hot girls, and have Schwartz’s catered. It’s unmatched value. Rally the troops, be hungover, wait in line, and waste time or stay drunk, hangout with hot girls, and eat delicious smoked meat without even moving from your rental house’s couch. It’s an obvious choice.

Party Girls

After booze, girls are the second most important factor in having an (un)memorable weekend. Don’t be those guys that think they are too cool and can have models on their arms within hours of arriving. The girls don’t need you, you need the girls to not look lame and have your bachelor party be the ultimate sausage fest wherever you go. Just like our show girls, our party girls are handpicked hot, college girls that know how to have a great time and laugh at your terrible jokes. Get party girls and maybe you’ll have an epic story or two to get inducted into our hall of fame.

Posted on: 27 Apr 2018
Posted by: Grant Simon
Connected Montreal Hall Of Fame: Mr.R

Connected Montreal

*** The following Connected Montreal facts are true, but names have been changed to protect identity of those involved ***

Our Connected Montreal Hall Of Fame inductee holds a special place in our hearts (and the pants of a select group of Montreal women). It is our honor to welcome Mr. R to this stacked list of absolute party legends.

Mr. R leads a group of 8 professional guys from Chicago in their early 30’s out to Montreal every year for some wild times and to be reintroduced back into civilization. Mr. R is a loyal customer and just like the stock market, he’s appreciating every year. He calls us up and wants to know how he can spend more money with us next year. We wish all customers would be like Mr. R (We’re looking at you topless wine tasting guy, but that’s another story.)

We’ve seen a lot of shenanigans throughout the years and we have to say that Mr. R has impressive statistics. During his three trips with us:

  • Dom P avg spend: $8,800
  • Party girls hired: 30
  • Midgets hired : 3   (R.I.P. Harry)
  • .oz of Wagyu beef consumed: 60
  • Strippers puked on : 1

From all of us at Connected Montreal, we would like to thank you for being a rich douchebag that enjoys the finer things and woman in life. It’s customers like you that keep this job interesting. Welcome to the Connected Montreal Hall Of Fame.

Posted on: 25 Apr 2018
Posted by: Grant Simon
5 Ideas for a Wild Bachelor Party in Montreal

I got a call the other day from a best man saying,

“I want to top our last party Las Vegas, how can I make our Montreal Bachelor Party crazy?”

Luckily, we have the best connections for the craziest time. Here are 5 ideas to ensure a wild bachelor party in Montreal, even if you’re as creative as Yoko Ono:

5. Get a PIMP Suite

pictureIf you book, it they will come. Having a suite is essential for a serious bachelor party. Your girlfriend lied to you: size matters. Having the best suite at a great hotel will set the tone for the weekend and can increase your odds for one hell of a weekend. Unless you think that a 9.5 (there’s no such thing as a 10) would love to come back and party at the Travel Lodge… by the airport.

4. Midgets and Magnums

picturePeople love big bottles of booze and people love little people. Why not combine the two? We will book you a table at the hottest club in Montreal and hire a midget to pour you drinks at your table out of a magnum (3L/6L) bottle of vodka. There is no better way to draw attention at a club. This method yields the best (legal) ROI for acquisitions.

3. Show at a Steakhouse

pictureThere is a reason no one goes to a fancy salad house. A trip to a steakhouse is almost as mandatory as going to a strip club. Luckily our genius minds have combined the two. We will set you up with a private room at a fancy steak house, and for desert, we will have two choice cuts come in and do a lesbian show right on your table. Save the hanger-steak jokes as we only stock the freshest ingredients. Want a crazier bachelor party? We can add some topless waitresses…

2. Body Sushi

pictureNiotaimori, or body/naked sushi, is the art of serving sushi on a naked model. Once considered the stuff of legend, body or naked sushi is now available in Montreal. While it is not as debauched as our previous idea, this is for those who want to be a little more sophisticated (just swap in toro for your jokes). You will have your own private room and a sushi chef serving multiple courses. There’s more on body sushi here.

1. Mix Them All Together

pictureIf you really want the wildest time, try to mix as many ideas as possible into the weekend. Unlike your failed mixology attempts, this will yield the greatest results. That is what we did for our ultimate bachelor party. No matter what budget, we have the connections to make your dreams come true. Give us a call at 1.877.690.4919 and we can set you and your buddies up with the time of your lives.

Posted on: 18 Jun 2012
Posted by: Oren
Montreal Strippers: Top 5 Reasons Why They Are Better

You’ve probably heard that the strip clubs in Montreal are some of the best in the world. The real reason is the Montreal strippers are the best in the world! Here’s what makes them so much better.

5. Friendly

Unlike Las Vegas, Montreal strippers are actually pretty down to earth and friendly, although they’re still strippers! Don’t expect her to be as chill as your yoga instructor, but overall, most people find them refreshing to deal with.

4. Local

One of the biggest differences here in Montreal is that the strippers are actually from Montreal (and surrounding areas). Most have a nice French Canadian accent and can give you further insight into the Montreal culture, instead of stories of what it was like when communism collapsed in an accent that makes you think of Rocky 4.

3. They Love to Party

Montreal strippers like to party. They are known to hangout and mix business and pleasure (not what you were thinking). Unlike other cities, the girls here are free to hangout and drink with the customers. Likewise, it’s not uncommon for the girls to come out and party with us, and they sure know how to party!

2. Lesbians

While they will not write you a folk song, they do engage in lesbian acts at the strip clubs here in Montreal. Just a few 20’s and the next thing you know Mercedes and Kia have merged on the bachelors lap. Strippers like these sure set the tone for a Montreal bachelor party.

1. Hot!

Lets face it, most of us guys are as deep as a puddle. I am sure you know plenty of friendly, local girls who like to party, however they also look like they could snap for Tom Brady. If strippers aren’t hot, then what’s the point? Fortunately, Montreal is known for having amazing talent. Just look at the pics on our site.

Posted on: 06 Jun 2012
Posted by: Oren
Why Montreal Strip Clubs Are Better than Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Although Las Vegas might be the most popular bachelor party destination, it is not necessarily the best. Most often our guests love Montreal and the highlight of their trip tends to be the strip clubs. Here are some of the reasons why Montreal strip clubs are better than Las Vegas strip clubs.


Unlike Las Vegas all the stripclubs here are located in the downtown Montreal core. Chances are there are a few on the same block as your hotel or probably next to a church. Where as in Vegas, they are huge Costco like structures off of the strip.

No Non-Sense

The strip clubs in las vegas take a cue from the casinos and try to confuse the crap out of you in order to empty your wallets. There are multi-levels to every service they offer; VIP rooms, VVIP rooms, Lap dances, Private lap dances, Champagne rooms,  VIP champagne rooms, and even sky boxes. At the end of the day they all offer the same thing: naked woman, only difference is the useless title they can up-sell you on.

In Montreal, the only up-sell are the VIP couches, which are actually worth it. The rest is straight forward, they have a main room, alcohol, and strippers. Sorry to disappoint the kids, but they also lack a gift shop.

The girls

The quality and quantity of the strippers in Montreal is superior to Vegas. First, there are less girls at the clubs in Montreal. How are less strippers better? Easy, they are less money hungry. In Vegas there are so many girls working that the competition is fierce. The second you sit down you will be hassled by the endless parade of silicone sharks.

In Montreal, the girls come from the surrounding area, not a shipping container. They are relaxed, younger, and more naive. You will find yourself actually enjoying their company. Unlike Vegas where the competition has made them cut throat and dead on the inside.


The costs of visiting a Montreal strip club are far less than going to any strip club in Vegas. Everything is cheaper, including the girls. Lap dances in Montreal are $15 a song vs $25-50 a song. The dances are a full song not some 3 minute edit. Best of all, the dances are full-contact here (two-hand touch).

Posted on: 04 Jun 2012
Posted by: Oren
Top 10 Montreal Strip Club Mistakes

What they don’t want you to know.

10. Trusting a Stripper


Strippers are as trust worthy as an ’87 Yugo. A good rule of thumb is not to believe anything they say. While she will tell you that you are hot, you are not. Go in knowing this and you will have much more fun. Remember they are selling a fantasy not reality.

9. Not Getting Bottle Service

pictureDrinks at Montreal strip clubs are measured (1oz), and can run $8-$12 on average. Getting a 26oz bottle of Grey Goose for $220 comes to $8.46 an oz rather than $12 at the bar. Not to mention the status and convenience that comes with bottle service at a strip club. More on why you need bottle service.

8. Buying a Montreal Stripper a Drink

pictureThis is a personal preference. If you truly enjoy their company feel free to buy them drinks. The key is to order the drinks yourself or they will be ordering XO and Cristal. Some strip clubs, such as Kamasutra, have $4 shots so just order them shots. Don’t be afraid to tell the girls NO, they hear it from loan officers all the time.

7. Not Paying for Lap Dances in Advance

pictureBooze and boobies cloud judgment and strippers know this. A common scam is for the stripper to lie about the number of dances they performed. In Montreal they don’t ask if you want another dance; the meter keeps running. Nothing kills an experience like having to argue if the remix is one song or two. Pre-pay the girls and save yourself a headache and a large bill.

6. Going During the Day

pictureThey didn’t invent the term “day-shifters” for nothing. Even the best strip clubs in Montreal are a sad sight during the day. Unless you really want to see nudity in all shapes and sizes, avoid the strip clubs during the day. The varsity squad starts at 9PM.

5. Keeping a Tab Open or Covering Friends

pictureA personal pet peeve of mine. Everyone orders tons of drinks and you were nice enough to put down your credit card for the tab. Now you are faced with the uphill battle of trying to collect money. One guy you don’t even know that well spent all his cash on dances with Maybach. One of the guys’ little brother is passed out and another guy’s debit card is maxed out, but he promises to pay you back. The excuses and hassles are endless. Worst of all, you don’t want to come off like an ass so you just eat most of the cost.

4. Tipping the Strippers

pictureOk, the Montreal strippers are going to give me hell for this one, but oh well. In Montreal, strippers pocket all the money they make from dances. The clubs make money off of steep covers, booze, and they charge the girls a $50 fee to work the night. Tipping the strippers on money they pocket makes no sense, some will go as far as to say it’s x$ plus tip. Don’t tip them unless you really want to (I have no idea why you would).

3. Opting for the Lesbian Show

pictureWhile lesbianism is legal in the clubs, it can often be a rip off. Yes, it is “real” but the price can add up fast ($40 a song). Some girls will try to negotiate a larger price for a large group. It might seem like a good idea when they pitch you, “only $20 a guy”, but it should always be $40 a song. If you really want a show we can arrange for one that is far superior, cheaper, and in the comfort of your own hotel.

2. Going to a No-Contact Club

pictureMontreal is known for full-contact strip clubs. Why would you go to a no-contact club? It makes no sense. Fortunately, there has been a tactile revolution and there’s only one no-contact club left: Wanda’s. Unless you are a geriatric or visiting with your jealous significant other, don’t go there. Forget this whole “it’s way classier” argument, the girls are no hotter. I’ve been to strip clubs all over the world and none are “classy” that’s just a lie the clubs feed you. You go to a strip club to see girls get naked, not to eat foie gras and see performance art.

1. Not Going with Us!

We have spent every weekend at the best strip clubs in Montreal for the past 5 years. We personally know all the best girls and as soon as we walk in with a group, they take notice. You would be doing your group a disservice not visiting a strip club with us on your bachelor party. Our connections and insider knowledge will guarantee you an experience like no other.

Our Bachelor Party Packages 

montreal strip club

Step into our office.

Give us a call at 1.877.690.4919 and prepare for the time of your lives.

Posted on: 30 May 2012
Posted by: Oren
What Are the Best Montreal Strip Clubs?

We get  asked, “What are the best strip clubs?” all the time. The truth is, it depends.

Why? First, you need to understand that in Montreal the girls do not work for the clubs, they are free lancers. The strippers pay a bar fee to work there for the night. What this means for you is that the best strip clubs are constantly changing. You can see one stripper at one club one night and at a different one the next evening.

This being said, the best days to go to a Montreal strip club are Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays (or all three nights). While it always seems like it’s a good idea to hit a strip club during the day, you’ll quickly understand why the industry coined the term “day shifters”.

If you want a real experience, give us a call and we will give you a tour. Every week, our cells blow up with too many misspelled texts from strippers telling us where they’re working that given night or which club is best.

But really, it’s not where you go, it’s who you go with… Trust us, we know where to go.

Posted on: 23 Apr 2012
Posted by: Oren