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Why Curling Is A Great Daytime Activity For Bachelor Parties

What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions curling? Crickets…Sure, the sport is a bunch of grown men sweeping ice with broomsticks, but you probably don’t think of a bachelor party. Once the summer activities start to die down and pumpkin spice season starts, curling becomes a popular activity here in Montreal. Here’s 3 reasons you should consider curling for your bachelor party:

Unique Activity

It seems like every bachelor party tries to one up the next one. Sure, we can easily throw more girls, more strip clubs, and more midgets into the mix, but how many bachelor parties go curling? Now’s your time to finally learn this mysterious game you’ve only seen on TV at the Olympics. Besides, you can finally take pictures (semi) sober with your boys and send it back to the girlfriend or wife…unless you bring along party girls of course 😉

Curling Montreal


Fun For Everyone

There are always pros and cons with daytime activities. Some guys may not like getting splashed with freezing cold water if they go jet boating or others may be scared of heights if you go zip lining, but curling is fun for the whole group. I’ve never seen an unhappy sweeper and even though the staff will explain the game to you, half the fun is not knowing what the hell you’re doing. If you’re looking to satisfy everyone in your bachelor party group, curling is a great fall and winter daytime option.

Curling Montreal


Any sport that you can do while drinking is already amazing. Just like bowling, curling is made even better with an ice cold beer in hand. Luckily for you, there is a bar inside the curling arena. It helps loosen up the muscles and makes sweeping all the more fun. By the time the afternoon is over, you and your buddies will be well on your way to making the national curling team.

Curling Montreal

Posted on: 21 Sep 2018
Posted by: Grant Simon
The Best Sunday Activities for a Bachelor Party

If you are fortunate enough to get an extra day in Montreal for a bachelor party or if you happen to be in town for a long weekend, here is a list of some cool Sunday activities for a bachelor party.

Tam Tams

Every Sunday during summer, people gather on the grassy knoll of Mount Royal to hang out. There’s nothing like it, but the scene is best described as the beach minus the sand and water. There’s a lot of hot girls hanging out and getting high (on life). It’s a great place to mingle with locals and check out the beauties of Montreal everyone keeps talking about (although you may have gotten a sneak peak over the weekend). If you want to get deep into the Tam Tams, checkout the huge drum circle or the live action role-playing in the woods. It’s a lot more entertaining than you would think.

Bike/Walking Tours of Montreal

Typically, sightseeing is something relegated to families and couples, not bachelor parties. However, by the time Sunday rolls around you might have had enough of strippers and bottles, and will want to take in some culture. Montreal is, after all, the culture capital of North America. There are a few great tours of Montreal worth checking out. The two most popular tours we offer are Bike tours and walking/food tours. All of our tours are tailored to what you guys want to do, from cool places to eat to more traditional sights. Don’t worry, there are always a few stops on the way for some brews.

Club Muzique

Unless it’s a long weekend there are no clubs happening on a Sunday night, except for Muzique. Club Muzique (see our list of best clubs to pickup girls) has picked up where Club Central Station and Club Opera have left off, by throwing industry night parties on Sundays. Every Montreal stripper, bartender, waitress, degenerate, and anyone else who cheats on their taxes is there. Often times, Sunday can become the craziest night for a bachelor party in Montreal. We will walk you in and set you up with a great table and re-introduce you to all the girls you don’t recognize because they are clothed. If you want to party on Sunday, this is the best place to be.

Posted on: 02 Aug 2012
Posted by: Oren