5 Montreal Hotels To Avoid During A Bachelor Party

Montreal is jam-packed with luxurious places to stay. If you’re here for a wild bachelor party, you don’t want the party being held at the local Holiday Inn. No no no, this occasion calls for a special home-base for the festivities. There are a lot to choose from, so here are the Montreal hotels you’ll want to AVOID.

Hotel St.James

The St.James is without a doubt one of the classiest and fanciest hotels in Montreal. The ‘who’s who’ list of people that have stayed there is endless. I mean, there are usually more Maybach’s parked outside than at Jay-Z’s house. However, it’s not ideal for bachelor parties due to the fact that it’s just too darn expensive. Also, the place is relatively dated on the inside. The level of luxury is more the type that your parents (or their parents) would enjoy. For that price, thought, there isn’t nearly enough fun going on there.

St.James Hotel

Chateau Versailles

Avoid this place like the plague. While not often booked, it does come up due to alliances with several points/airline packages. The hotel is old, delicate and will throw you out faster than the speed at which the guests move. This is by no means a party headquarters.

Loews Vogue Hotel

This one is a real heartbreaker, because the Loews Vogue Hotel in Montreal could be an amazing place for a bachelor party, but sadly, it is not. The location is great (right off St-Catherine’s and one block from Crescent), the suites are large (even some two-bedroom suites), but the management goes out of their way to shut down any type of partying/noise and will even make you sign a waiver. We’ve have had guests denied their reservation upon check-in; they’re that strict. They even have a gatekeeper by the elevator making it near impossible to invite over any “questionable” guests.

Delta Montreal

This one is a relatively big hotel with affordable rates and nice suites, but they absolutely hate bachelor parties. It’s similar to the Loews (mentioned above), just cheaper.

Delta Montreal

Old Montreal Castle

While this last one isn’t a hotel and more of an AirBnB/short-term rental, it’s still to be avoided (book with extreme caution). The house itself is insane, but unfortunately so are their policies. They have a party house that hates parties (go figure) and their list of rules and mandates make Mariah Carey seem down-to-earth.  They will charge for everything and anything, including a late check-in. Yes, they charge for late check-in, not late check-out. They will also show up quite often throughout the weekend at random times, regardless of complaints. This space is like Tim Tebow’s hot girlfriend: a true waste.