Bachelor Party in Montreal: Top 5 Things Not To Do

Everyone and their uncle gives you plenty of advice on what you should do when you get to town. However, it is also important to know ‘what not to do’ on a bachelor party in Montreal.

5. Do Not Go to Crescent Street at Night

“What?! But my buddy who was in Montreal 8 years ago said Crescent Street was the place to be. Everyone says go to Crescent.” Your friends were wrong (partially). Crescent street is a great day-time drinking spot with its many bars and patios. At night, the place is awful unless you are under 21 or consider Budweiser to be a premium product. There is not a single decent night club on Crescent. It does not get any cheesier or more touristy than a night out on Crescent.

4. Do Not Go to an Off-Island Strip Club

Places like ‘Hill Top’ are off-island strip clubs (45 minutes outside of downtown) and have gained notoriety due to their back-room “activities”. They are not worth the expensive Uber ride out there for a Montreal bachelor party, nor is the talent anything I would want to see in the light of day. There are far better and cheaper options.

3. Do Not Stay at a Hotel that Is Not Downtown

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make on a bachelor party in Montreal. Hotels in Montreal are pretty cheap compared to other cities. A $50-100 savings on a room that is not downtown is never worth it. Don’t be cheap, stay downtown so you can walk or take a short Uber ride to all the best strip clubs and nightlife. DO NOT stay at the airport, PLEASE.

2. Do Not Go to the Casino Late at Night

This will probably not stop any of the degenerate gamblers at night. However, it is never a good idea to head to a casino loaded. Every Montreal Casino story starts the same way, “So I was up really big…”

1. Do Not Miss Out on Trying Poutine

I figured I’d end this post on a positive note. Poutine (translated into English as the mess) is amazing, especially when you are drunk at 4am. It is the local delicacy involving french fries, cheese, and gravy. If you really want to get crazy, try my favorite style, the Italian Poutine, which is basically french fry parmesan.