Bachelor Party Itinerary Ideas

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We work with you to plan out the perfect bachelor party itinerary for you trip. If this is your first bachelor party or your first trip to Montreal don’t worry we have planned countless amount of parties. Here is an example of a Montreal Bachelor Party itinerary.

This is a sample itinerary, remember you guys are on vacations and we can customize it however you want. This itinerary is usually a pretty good recipe for success.



Arrival Check into your rooms which will be stocked the way you requested along with bottle service. Shortly after arrival we will meet up with you and your group at the hotel. We will go over the plans for the weekend as well as answer any questions or fulfill any requests you may have.


3pm Grab a drink at a local bar and gawk at the local talent. Bring your sunglasses.


7pm Dinner: We will help you plan the perfect dinner for a bachelor party whether you want a traditional steakhouse or something that would make Bourdain drool. Just give us a preference, a budget and will take care of the rest.


9pm Strip Club(s): We will personally walk you into one the hottest Montreal strip clubs. No line, cover, or tipping. We know all the best girls and will make sure you get connected quickly. We prep your group as to what to expect and how to not get fleeced. Being at a strip club with us is an experience like no other.


11pm Night club:  Our Connections with the hottest nightclubs will insure your group will receive the royal treatment. We will bypass any lines or crowds and walk right into one of the best clubs in Montreal. You will gain instant status and attention as we are seated at the best table in the club. Bottle service will be setup and paid upon your arrival. This is where connections matter.


3am If you are still standing there are a number of bad decisions to regret in the morning at this hour. Gambling at the 24hr Montreal Casino or perhaps check out an after hours club (think Sound Factory in NYC…).





Noon/2pm/3pm/if still alive. After you have pieced together the details from the previous night and have nursed your hangovers there are a number of bachelor party activities you can partake in during the day. From simply hanging out at a rooftop pool, drinking with local talent, to more adventurous activities such as go-karting, paintball or sky diving. There is an option for every group. Even for the guys who would rather sleep in all day (we don’t blame you).


8pm Private bachelor party show in your hotel room. We hand pick the girls based on looks, personality, and talents… All tips will be included.


10pm-3am Dinner at a supper club:  One of the hardest reservations to get. A supper club is a high-end restaurant that turns into a crazy nightclub following dinner. All the waitress are model types and the clientele/girls inside are of the highest caliber. Bottle service is a must if you want to be a player at the supper clubs, that is why we include it.



Regroup, recover and get your stories straight. Erase all evidence. Buy over-priced souvenir for significant other. THE END.


If you want this exact experience or any other give us a call and we will take of everything in a matter on minutes 1-877-690-4919