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What a Connected Montreal bachelor party weekend can look like


Below are a few of our most memorable montreal bachelor party itineraries. Over the years we’ve thrown and experienced some amazing weekends. Use these examples to help understand our capabilities, and more importantly, use these itineraries as a guide to build your bachelor party weekend.

First Ballot Hall of Famer

This sample itinerary is for those that want the best of what Connected Montreal has to offer. This is us taking your vision of your bachelor party weekend and hitting a grand slam.

The Legend Maker

For the big boys, we bring out all of the toys. This itinerary will not only make you a legend among your crew, but will certainly leave an impression here in Montreal.

The Full Spread

This itinerary is for the group that wants to sample all of our bachelor party activities. This is taking it up one notch from our Greatest Hits itinerary and making the bachelor party even more memorable.

Greatest Hits

This itinerary is for those guys that want a taste of the majority of activities we have to offer here at Connected Montreal. We know it can be hard to choose, but for once, you really can have it all!

Bros and Respectable Ladies

Let’s make the bachelor party great again! If your crew is more into beer, steaks, and strippers rather than fancy nightclubs, this itinerary is for you.

The Fundamentals

This is best suited for those that want to use our connections to cover the basics by having a few key events planned to ensure a memorable weekend.


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