Why the Summer Is Amazing for a Bachelor Party

A Montreal summer is the best time to visit, especially for a bachelor party. Here is why:

The Weather (Duh)

While the winters here are TERRIBLE, the summer months are amazing. The weather is very nice from May to October. Temperatures can get hot, as high as the 90s, making you forget just how cold it gets here in the winter. This is a great time for a bachelor party. You can expect clear skies and sunshine. Just remind everyone to pack their deodorant.

The Girls

Montreal girls are beautiful and, best of all, friendly. The winters here are so brutal that everyone takes full advantage of the warm summer months. This means that there will be LOTS of scantily clad ladies out and about for you and your buddies to chat with. Just walking the streets becomes an event.

The Patios

The patios (referred to as “terrasses” by locals) are the places to be during the day. Montreal has tons of bars and restaurants which will set up tables and chairs either on the terrace or the sidewalk. If there is sun, you want to be outside when drinking and hanging out. Crescent and Saint Denis are home to some of the best daytime drinking patios.

Sunday Bonus

If your bachelor party is in town on Sunday, then visiting Mount Royal is a must. Called the Tam-Tams, or just “The Tams”(french for bongo), it is the daytime event. The Tams is basically like going to the beach, minus the sand and water. Everyone just hangs out (usually stoned) in the park near the Sir George Etienne Cartier Monument. There are lots of girls in Bikinis for all the guys in your group to stare at or chat up. There is also a large drum circle and live action role playing which is interesting depending on your mental state.