Bottle service at Montreal bachelor party.

Why You Need Bottle Service for a Montreal Bachelor Party

Why Do You Need Bottle Service?

If you really want to have fun at a Montreal bachelor party, bottle service is essential. The more bottles the better!

If you are going to a night club in Montreal, you should expect to buy bottles. Honestly, not buying bottles is one of the biggest bachelor party mistakes you can make. If you are not willing to buy bottles, stick to the bars and pubs.

Exclusive Space and Comfort: Bottle service usually comes with a reserved table or private area. This gives you and your group a dedicated space to sit, relax, and enjoy the night away from the crowded dance floor or bar area.

Quicker Service: With bottle service, you will have your own table, and make your own drinks. Nothing is worse than waiting at a packed bar, trying to elbow in for a $25 Tequila and Soda.

Status: Opting for bottle service can be seen as a status symbol. It often puts you in a more exclusive area of the club, sometimes with better views of the DJ or entertainment, and it’s the only way to impress.

However, if your bachelor party wants to have a great time, bottles are the way to go.  The more bottles, the more fun you can have.  One of the easiest ways to pick up Montreal girls is to walk up to them and say “Hello, can you do us a favour? We have way too much alcohol, care to help us out?”