Connected Montreal Summer 2019 Recap

Yet another successful summer of Montreal bachelor parties in the books. Sadly, people are still getting married, but luckily for them we are sending them off in style. Here are some of this year’s highlights, along with one of the biggest disasters.

Biggest win: Texas sized beer pong tournament

We had a few gentleman from the great state of texas who stayed with us this summer. While we booked them a few memorable evenings out they quickly fell in love with the Montreal girls (strippers) and moved all of their festivities to the great indoors.

There was a non-stop parade of strippers in and out of their bachelor party house rental. While we cant share most of the details with you, we can tell you that it was one for the record books. The greatest feat  of this Montreal weekend was the bachelor parties last night. The best man asked me what was most amount of girls I could arrange for Topless beer pong. I informed him the current record was 12 at one time. He ordered up 16 sure-handed beer pong prodigies. God Bless Texas. Needless to say everyone had a blast. There were topless girls as far as the eye could see. We even catered the beer pong tournament with the world famous Schwartz’s deli.

Biggest fail: Gilligan’s Island

The successes are always entertaining but the fails are teachable moments for future Montreal bachelor parties. We had a lovely client who was BULLISH on having a yacht party in Montreal as he’s done it countless times in Miami, Costa Rica, NYC, etc…. While we can easily procure a yacht rental, it is not something we recommend. Montreal is indeed an Island, but boating is not on top of any locals to do list. The traffic on the waters near the old port are busy with cargo and cruise ships. This means that there are a limited number of “yachts” and no one else on the water to impress with one.

Regardless of our advice the client was still adamant that his idea was best and decided to move forward. We tried to hedge his bet by offering some atmosphere models to populate the SS Sausage, but again, he didn’t heed our professional advice. The client proclaimed “I’m a good looking guy and will pull girls……no prob”. In the end I wish he had hired Celine Dion to score the sound track of his boating day, because it was a TITANIC failure. The bachelor party showed up to the boat on a gloriously sunny day, booze stocked, food prepared. They were only missing one crucial element, a female presence. Their 5 hour rental ended in less than an hour, as it turns out a few members of the party are prone to sea sickness… Fortunately for them their host Kevin stepped up in the clutch, called a fantastic audible, college girl pub crawl and saved their afternoon and weekend.