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Why use our Montreal nightlife connections?

Congratulations! You combed through outdated nightlife info and countless recommendations and found THE hotspot in Montreal. You call the club and book a table. You show up to a huge line outside the club. You and your 15 friends elbow your way to the front of the line, eventually flag down the cage fighter with a clipboard. You give your reservation. He either directs you to the VIP line which is longer than the non-VIP line, or worse says you are not on the list. Luckily, you have the number of the manager. Shockingly, it goes straight to voicemail. Now what?

Lets face it, there is nothing sadder than a group of guys standing outside arguing amongst themselves.

Now imagine you are Connected. You show up at the best club on the best day at the best time. The crowd outside is spilling into the streets. We stroll up together and are instantly recognized, the sea of wannabe VIP’s is parted. Oddly, the friendly bouncer does not bother to check the list and we are whisked straight inside. We are repeatedly stopped and greeted by the managers, owners, and hot waitresses. We get a prime table in the club. Bottles (paid and tipped) are brought over and the drinks are flowing in no time. You have arrived in true Connected fashion.

Your nightclub experience can often make or break your night out in Montreal. The best clubs purposely makes this as difficult as possible for tourists. They are notorious for making you wait an eternity, or worse, not having you on the list despite having a reservation. The bouncer wants you to make sad attempts in front of everyone to get past the rope in order to feed their ego and aid the exclusivity of the club.

Nightlife party areas

There are currently 4 main party sections in Montreal. Each one is no more than a few minutes by cab as everything in Montreal is condensed to the downtown core.

Crescent street

This two block street is perhaps the most famous party street in Montreal. Crescent is in the heart of downtown and is a mecca for tourists. Once a great nightclub destination, Crescent is now well known for its Pubs + Bars and is still an amazing daytime drinking destination. At night it attracts teeny boppers and over the hill patrons looking to reignite their youth.

Saint Laurent AKA “The Main”

Right now the most popular nightlife destinations are on Saint Laurent. The Saint Laurent strip is loaded with everything from the slickest supper clubs to the dirtiest dive bars. Mix in the fact that there are multiple late night eating spots for post clubbing, and it seems that Saint Laurent has everything one would need for a successful evening.

Old Montreal

While it is the oldest part of Montreal, it has become the newest hotspot for nightlife. Clubs, bars and restaurants have been popping up everywhere in recent years. Old Montreal has a distinct style but is not suited for everyone, as most of the venues are smaller, it may not be the right fit for every bachelor party.

Mile End

Deep in the heart of the plateau, the Mile End is the other end of the party spectrum. The scene is very local and very French. The bars are more laid back here, with an emphasis on relaxing and unwinding rather than a meat market. Traveling here you’ll want to be up on social causes and indie music.