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This is an example of one of our most memorable bachelor parties we have ever planned.

A repeat clients called us one day and said “It’s my turn to be the bachelor and I want the best bachelor party Montreal has ever seen. Spare no expense, I want it all” He requested we try to fit in as much nudity and alcohol as possible.

Here is the Ultimate Bachelor Party we planned:




Pickup Set the Tone
We picked everyone at the airport in a party bus. To start the ultimate bachelor party the party bus was stocked with champagne, scotch, and vodka. There were 4 girls doing a private inside show for everyone in the bus. Needless to say, rush hour traffic has never been more fun. The group had rented the party bus for the entire weekend.


Arival at the hotel Our client stayed at a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the downtown. Everyone checked into their own room. Each room was individually stocked based on their personal preference (rider request.)


mid-afternoon Party at the suite
We reserved the presidential suite at their hotel and set it up for a suite party. We hired a midget in a tuxedo and had him bartend for the whole party. The food was catered by the world famous Schwartz deli, one of their slicers came to cut the meat personally in the room. While all this was going on the clients were playing a private in-room poker game with a topless dealer.


Dinner The Private Stock
A private room at the best steakhouse was reserved for dinner. Dinner was prepaid and pared with some of the restaurants best wines. During the course of dinner we scheduled a 2 girl show in the private room. We’ve never seen waiters refill water glasses so fast.


Strip Club Lesbians and Libations
We kept the nudity rolling with a VIP section at a strip club. Since we know almost every stripper on the island we did all the ground work ahead of time and made sure only the best girls were partying with us. We had them do consecutive lesbian shows (legal in Montreal). The alcohol was flowing(all pre-paid) and I think more Cristal was poured out on body parts than in mouths.. Since we had previously taken care of this client he made sure we didn’t throw him on stage. Instead we turned the tables on his crew and threw the best man onstage instead.


Post-game After last call some of the best girls from the strip club ended up partying at the suite. The others were blowing up our phones trying to get in on the action.





Daytime Legs and Eggs
The guys that still standing the next day had brunch catered in the suite served by naked woman, we call it “Legs and eggs”


Mid afternoon Ho-karting
We boarded the party bus and went go-karting. The guys wanted to spice up their go-karting experience so we invented Ho-Karting. We had the guys race against topless girls. Not a lot of eyes were on the track and a couple crashes ensued. Luckily airbags were standard for some.


Dinner Naked Sushi
We rented out a private room at a fine Sushi restaurant and brought in a model for naked sushi. It was a 7 course meal with wine and sake where the sushi chef prepared and displayed his creations on a naked model.


Night club Bottles and Blonds
We took over 2 VIP sections at a Nightclub.  As soon as we arrived the music stopped and the bottles came out with enough sparklers on them to start a fire. Our table was stocked with 2 3L bottles of vodka along with 10 very attractive party girls. The client requested they all be blond and under 25 (not a problem!).


Post game Jumped in the party bus with the party girls, got back to the hotel then everyone disappeared.


What something similar?

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