How To Be Smart About Your Wild Montreal Bachelor Party

Montreal is such a great bachelor party destination for a reason: there’s a lot here that can get you in heaps of trouble. You definitely don’t want your significant other knowing every detail about your epic time. We had a guy recently who’s wife found the e-mail chain with us discussing the events we had planned. Needless to say, she was not pleased and didn’t let him attend his own bachelor party. You can bet that all his friends still came and had the time of their life, though! You definitely don’t want that to be you. So, here are some pro tips on how to keep your fun under wraps and have a discretely awesome time on your Montreal bachelor party.

burner phones

  • Get A Burner: You should have a throw-away phone, or as we like to call it, a “whore phone”. At the very least, get a new sim card and phone number to text with the friendly locals and Tinderellas.  You don’t want Staci from the strip club texting you three weeks after your trip to ask how your made-up golf tournament went.
  • Make Sure Your Stories Match: Be absolutely certain that you and your friends are on the same page. Have an alibi and make sure that everyone knows it very well. You can’t have Carl telling his girlfriend that you’re at the vineyard while Steve tells his wife that you guys are at a football game. A quick table read with the whole team will be to your benefit.


  • New E-Mail Address For Us: Look, we are what we are. We make sure that you’re going to have the very best time possible. That’s good news for you, but you don’t want someone seeing our plans who isn’t supposed to see our plans. Communicate with us with a new e-mail address. You can also send all your spam to that account after you’re done with us.
  • Cut Out The Mole: You know exactly who it is. Everyone has one in the bachelor party crew. His significant other is his “best friend” and you just know that he’ll share every single detail about your trip. That will then trickle down and eventually leak information that you don’t want leaked. The less the mole knows, the better. This softie will undoubtedly crack under the pressure.
  • Lie To Girls In Town: For starters, you don’t need to share any information that will help a girl track you down. They don’t need to know your real name or occupation. Now’s your chance to finally be whatever your parents hoped you’d be! Another dance, doctor?


    • Leave Fake Evidence In Your Pocket: This is a serious pro tip. Get a map from the BioDome or Insectarium and leave it crumpled up in your pocket “by mistake”. When she finds the evidence, she’ll rest easy knowing that you didn’t get up to anything too wild. Everyone goes to Montreal to look at the insects. That’s what it’s known for, of course 😉

Follow these simples tricks and you’ll be having the wildest time of your life without any headaches to deal with (except for maybe the headache from your hangover).