Montreal Bachelor Party Itinerary

$150-200 per person

This sample itinerary is for the group that would only want our help for a few key bachelor party events or is on a tighter budget. You can experience a lot of what Montreal has to offer without blowing the budget. Ease into the festivities and save the big ticket items for one of the nights (such as bottle service or a good dinner) However, if you’re older, you know you only have one night in you….at best….so we can easily reverse the order of events.

Day 1

1:00 pm - Arrival

The bachelor party arrives in Montreal, ready for the weekend. You link up with your host who will go over the weekend plans and answer any questions the group might have. Your host parties for a living and is there to make sure you guys have the best time possible.

3:00 pm - Early Afternoon

Bar hopping on crescent

You and the guys go bar hopping on Crescent Street, one of Montreal’s main party streets. (Alternatively, Saint-Denis and Saint Laurent are great depending on where you are staying). You will realize quite quickly that one of Montreal’s greatest assets is its local talent.

7:30 pm - Dinner


For dinner, the guys got reservations at one of the best steakhouses in Montreal. Nothing more traditional and enjoyable then a steak dinner for a bachelor party. We pair the right steakhouse to the right budget.

9:30 pm - Early Evening

Strip Club

Post dinner, your host is waiting for you at the strip club. He ushers you into the club, straight to your table, all the while skipping the typical club hassles such as lines, covers, and bouncer tips. We work with only the finest strip clubs in Montreal.

11:30 pm - Late Evening

Bar hopping or guest list at a nightclub (no bottles)

Unless a few degenerates fell in love, most of the group will want to hit up some bars and try their luck with some “civilians”. We will map out a few good bars where the group can find some “friendly” French Canadian girls or, if you’d prefer, we can walk you right into a nightclub. If you have a bit more in the budget, spend more on bottles to pick up girls at the club. (Bottles cost money, Girls like money.)

Day 2

12:00 am - Brunch

Montreal’s brunch scene is more about the food and less about the booze (Sadly, no brunch parties here). You can go upscale and trendy at Lemeac or classic Montreal with a greasy spoon. If you did things right last night you probably will be sleeping in anyways...

2:00 pm - Early Afternoon

Old Port

The guys decided to go walk around the Old Port to convince their girlfriends and wives they did something other than drinking and hitting up strip clubs. The Old Port is great on a Saturday afternoon as it’s full of fun touristy things to do like zip lines and poutine but also has some cool patios/rooftops for a good day drink. In the past few years, the Old Port has become the go to day drinking spot for locals as well.

9:30 pm - Dinner

Supper Club

Supper clubs combine two things that every bachelor party needs: dinner and clubbing. Some of the best clubs in Montreal are actually supper clubs. It’s a late dinner followed by bottle service at your table. In our opinion, it a must do for every bachelor party.

11:30 pm - SupperClub

Supper Club

The supper club starts getting wild as they turn down the lights and turn up the music. The supermodel hot waitresses bring out your bottles and everyone goes nuts.

2:00 am - Late Night

Strip Club (optional)

Knowing that you have a few hours remaining before packing it up and heading home, some guys want to take one last shot at the strippers. This is often a last minute call. Thankfully, you have a host that can scout out the venues and let you know if it’s a good or bad last minute call.

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