Montreal Bachelor Party Review: Too Much Nudity?

The Montreal bachelor party review you are about to read is true: names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The Call

[image_frame width=100 height=100 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]Two weeks ago I got a call from Steve (fake name) who was in a panic. It was his best friend’s bachelor party and he was so busy with work that he had not planned anything. The only thing Steve knew was that Montreal is the destination for the 6 of them and that he wanted as much nudity as possible.

The Solution

I assured Steve that he had come to the right place and after a short conversation I had his best friend’s bachelor party all planned out. First off, I secured them a suite and 2 rooms at the Centre Sheraton, a great bachelor party hotel right downtown. Second, I crammed as much off-the-wall nude events as possible into their trip. Next is what went down.

The Bachelor Party


Arrival: Steve’s group arrived at their hotel at around 6PM and were greeted by their host, Rod with some drinks in the suite.

Dinner: In order to set the tone for the weekend we set them up with Body Sushi, where they had a private tatami room and a personal sushi chef prepare a meal to be remembered. The sushi was served on our stunning <a ” title=”Models” href=””>Connected Model, Jess, who laid naked for our guests for over 2 hours as they enjoyed their meal and Sake Bombs. The bachelor and everyone in the group was blown away.

To start the weekend off right, we obviously had them eat sushi off a model.

Strip club: The theme of nudity continued as Rod walked our guests into our home away from home, Kamasutra. They had a VIP couch stocked with 2 bottles of Vodka waiting for them. Rod layed down the dos and don’ts of Montreal strip clubs and let them have their fun. We can’t be certain if they had a good time but when Rod returned, their booth now had an extra 12 naked strippers performing for them.


Breakfast: The guys woke up late and hungover and were served brunch Connected Montreal style. We had 2 of our Connected Models, Magalie and her smoking hot friend (who would kill me if I named her) serve our clients brunch in the buff. As Steve put it, “the food was cold but MY GOD the girls were hot!” They fed them and showed them the various uses of whip cream.

Magalie serves the best brunch in town!

Show Time: We had two pseudo-lesbians swing by the bachelor’s suite and perform for the gentleman. The private entertainment was a crowd pleaser, leaving a smile on the group’s faces and some unexplainable bruises on the bachelor.

Supper Club: At this point, we was ready to turn the boys loose on some civilians. They went to Globe which is a supper club. A supper club is a restaurant that turns into a crazy night club after dinner and everyone gets bottle service. It’s pretty classy. All the waitresses are model-types and the party atmosphere is amazing. The bachelor party had a prime table with 3 bottles of Grey Goose and the hottest waitress in the place (being good friends with the manager has its perks).

One of the guys in the group mentioned that they almost had too much nudity this weekend. 30 minutes later the same guy stumbled back to Kamasutra…

Overall the weekend was a success for everyone involved. Sunday morning I got this text message:

Another satisfied and hungover client.


Update: Steve saw the post and said I did not do it justice. Here is his testimonial:

“When our crew decided to have a bachelor party in Montreal, I knew that we didn’t want to be on our own for planning. After looking at all the websites for Montreal party planning, the one that stood out was Connected Montreal, because I could tell from their design, their sample itinerary and their options that they already knew what we were looking for. You could just feel that we’d be rolling in style.

Oren was the man making suggestions and getting the schedule booked with clubs, girls, restaurants, so while we started with the Well Connected plan, we quickly added on some ‘can’t-miss’ ideas like Naked Sushi, the private shows, Legs-n-Eggs, and even more bottle service, because it all just seemed too good to pass up for a great value. After all, we wanted it to be a bachelor party to remember. Even when we had a pre-arrival the week beforehand, Oren was able to take care of it like a champ.

Once we got there, Rod was making sure that we got everything we needed and more; always hooked us up, as advertised, and an outstanding host. He was there for every spot from check-in to the end of the night, ensuring that we had our alcohol, our VIP treatment, access to everywhere, and that everyone was treating us like All-Stars, whether at Mikasa, Globe, Kamasutra, or the hotel room. It was exactly what we wanted and what we needed.

Good hotel location at the Sheraton, great locales, highly accommodating owners and managers, friendly girls, quality drinks, and good times. These guys at Connected Montreal provided us an amazing experience, and for a very reasonable price. We will be using them again in the future.”


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