montreal suites for a bachelor party

Why Montreal Suites Are a Must for Bachelor Parties

As seen in our post on bachelor party mistakes, booking a suite is a must for any serious Montreal bachelor party. This post will explain why.

Party HQ

A suite at a hotel will serve as the home base or headquarters for your bachelor party. You can set up a bar or just relax and watch the game while you recover for the next night. You might be spending more time at the hotel than you think.

Comfort for the Group

[image_frame align=”left” alt=”center sheraton bachelor party” title=”center-sheraton-Montreal” width=”170″ height=”170″ ][/image_frame]Having a suite gives everyone a place to hang out  comfortably with sofas, tables, and seats to accommodate everyone. If you don’t get a suite, your buddies will all be piling into your room and sitting on your bed, and we all know what guys find funny when they get together.

The suites at the Sheraton are some of the most comfortable for bachelor parties

Wow Factor

[image_frame width=170 height=170 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]Everyone in the group will appreciate having a place to hangout and drink. A suite adds to the overall fun; don’t forget the after-party back at the suite. No girls will want to pile into a single hotel room. “Come party at our huge suite at the Hotel 10” sounds better than “We got a deluxe room at the Holiday express”.

This two-floor presidential suite at Hotel 10 is sure to impress and undress!


While a suite might have a bit more sticker shock, it is often best to spread the cost amongst the group. It will serve as the party pad for the group. Also, we will incorporate the suite cost in your package, so it’s not as bad as you think.

In the end, a suite for a bachelor party is a decision that you will be glad you made. The benefits really outweigh the cost when you factor everything in. Contact us at 1.877.690.4919 for the best rates on Montreal Suites for your next party. You will be glad you did.