Montreal Eats: Schwartz’s Smoked Meat

When coming into Montreal on a Bachelor Party, you’ll have your fair share of nice meals. Steakhouses are usually a big hit, and so are some of the supper clubs. The only meal of the day that doesn’t get a lot of love is lunch.[image_frame width=200 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]

Upon visiting any new city, it is always a good idea to check out the local institutions. Montreal is famous for having a couple culinary delights: Bagels, Poutine and Smoked Meat. When searching for the best smoked meat in town, it’s well known that Schwartz’s is the best around. Schwartz’s smoked meat could possibly be the best sandwich anywhere in the world!

[image_frame width=200 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]Since you’ll probably be traveling here on the weekend, you’ll have to endure the usual weekend line, but don’t worry, you could always skip the line and get Briskets and Breasts. Once inside, you’ll be seated at a European-style communal table with other guests. There are lot’s of choices on the menu and you may think of diverting from ordering smoked meat. Stick to the plan. You can eat smoked turkey breast anywhere else. Order the medium sandwich with a pickle, fry and coleslaw on the side and wash it down with a black cherry cola. You’ll understand within the first bite why the line was so long, and why people have been talking so highly about the world famous Schwartz’s.