The Ultimate Bachelor Party Guide

Everything you need to know, from ideas, to planning, and to surviving a bachelor party in Montreal. Learn how not to fuck up the bachelor party from the actual experts (not BuzzFeed interns).

So … Is Montreal good for bachelor parties?

Connected Montreal Bachelor Party Strippers at A Bachelor Party House.

Montreal is the most underrated bachelor party destination around. If it were not we would have been out of business 10 years ago. The city has everything you need for a crazy weekend; good food, hot girls, wild nightlife, and fun daytime activities for less-than-usual destinations such as Las Vegas or Miami (they’re so overdone we can’t believe you guys still go to the strip clubs there).

When you decide to do a weekend with us, we arrange a memorable bachelor party experience you can’t do anywhere else. Think: Topless Beer Pong or Legs and Eggs (yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like)

Speaking of Las Vegas… How does a Montreal bachelor party compare?

What happens in Vegas has already happened… Let’s face it, Vegas is played out (total bias of course, but until you experience both you won’t understand). It’s the smooth bezel of bachelor party destinations (pedestrian). The Vegas costs are also outrageous compared to Montreal for those who want to really go wild.

You can be a big fish in a small pond in Montreal. Get the best tables at the clubs here for the same spend your cousins “hook up” got you by the men’s bathroom all the way in the back over on the strip.

Our clients are always impressed by how friendly the locals are, including the strippers. Unlike Vegas, they’re laid back and comfortable. Which means more fun.

Does Montreal have good nightlife?

Montreal Nightlife Girls

Of course.

From brew pubs to nightclubs, to strip clubs Montreal has it all. If you’re not a nightclub atmosphere group then we would recommend the brewpub or our College Girl Pub crawl. For those who want bottle service and all the action, the nightclubs or the supper clubs (the best bet) are the routes to go.

One thing to note: The scene here is more geared towards locals (like NYC) so it’s not a pure money play like Vegas. Getting into the real hot spots can be challenging for large groups of dudes. You won’t get special treatment just for spending a little extra.

Luckily, we can walk you past all the lines and spare you the bullshit from “Le Doorman”.

When should you start planning your Montreal bachelor party?

While sooner is always better than later, it’s important to figure out all the key details for the trip in order to get everyone on board.

There is no set time frame, but most groups tend to start the planning process 6 months to a year out. However, we have planned some amazing last-minute trips for the most disorganized groups of groomsmen. To save your sanity start with the basics: dates, guest list, budget, and a rough idea of what the group’s interests are.

Then, we can take care of the rest.

When is the best time of year to come to Montreal for a bachelor party?

Grand Prix F1 Weekend

Unless you love the cold, avoiding the winter is ideal. The peak season for bachelor parties is March till the end of October. The summer months usually have the highest demand due to the weather and all the festivals ( F1, Comedy, Jazz, and various music festivals). I

if you have to have your bachelor party during the winter months, there’s no need to worry. This city is always a party. Winter is also a great way to have a cheaper bachelor party since most bachelor party rental houses can be had at half the summer rates.

What are the best festivals for bachelor parties?

  • F1 weekend: The Canadian Grand Prix is the biggest weekend in Canada. It’s also the most expensive. If you want to experience the grand race festivities, expect to shell out as much as 2-3x the normal bachelor party price.
  • Montreal Comedy Festival (Just for Laughs): This is the biggest comedy fest in the world, attracting all the biggest and best comedians. It’s a great weekend to come if you want to catch a show or two before the real fun starts.
  • Montreal Jazz Festival: The second biggest festival weekend. While called the Jazz Fest, there are a number of more contemporary acts.
  • Osheaga Music Festival: The biggest music festival in Canada. Think Canadian Coachella. Can be a good weekend to come if you’re looking to get into the mix with Canadian youth…
  • Montreal Beer Fest: Held all under one roof, the beer fest is a great daytime activity to discover real Montreal beers. If you’re not in town for the Beer Fest we can always arrange a Montreal Brewpub experience of your own (maybe even paired with our College Girl Pub crawl?).

How much should I budget for a Montreal bachelor party?

The budget will always be the biggest hurdle of any bachelor party. Everyone wants to be a baller, but often they have a champagne taste on a beer budget…

Fortunately, Montreal is one of the most affordable bachelor party destinations. A typical bachelor weekend will run you around $1-2k USD per person (based on a group of 10 guys for 2 nights). But, it’s possible to plan a memorable bachelor party experience for less than one thousand dollars per person. Check out our packages page for some bachelor party ideas based on various budgets

Keep in mind, there are a ton of factors that affect the budget: time of year, group size, activities, accommodations, night clubs, strippers, gets…

After 15+ years of planning bachelor parties, we know a bit about spending. These are our best budgeting tips:

  • Plan for the minimum number of people. More people will drop out for any reason (I think we might be causing some heart attacks of distant relatives…).
  • Keep the essentials in the budget: Travel, house, nightclub(s), activities, strippers. You want all the key items in the budget and all the variable costs like meals and lap dances out, so that those who want to spend can and those who are on a tighter budget are not bringing down the party.
  • Figure out where the group wants to focus the budget. If the majority of the group is not into nightclubs, then don’t waste thousands of dollars on bottles.
  • Always look for funds early and try to pre-pay for as much as you can. The guest list often changes once collections occur. This is even worse once you’re in town and everyone is drinking/partying. It’s no fun collecting in-weekend or post-trip, and often you’ll end up covering more than your fair share.

Navigating Montreal

What’s the best way to get around downtown Montreal?

The downtown area of Montreal is fairly small compared to a similar major city of its size (3M people). Most of the main spots: Crescent street, Mont-Royal, Old Montreal, Quartier des Spectacles (the entertainment district), and Saint Laurent are within walking distance (and very convenient after a few drinks…). Transportation to your Montreal bachelor party will be the least of your worries as nothing is more than a 10-20 minute Uber ride away.

What airport do I fly into?

There is only one airport in Montreal, code YUL. To get downtown from the airport it’s a flat $45 taxi ride. If you want to ride in style we can arrange for a limo/party bus pickup. If you want to be a legend, we can stock the limo with strippers…

Where do I want to stay for my Montreal bachelor party?

While Montreal is centralized, there are a few areas that are more convenient for a bachelor party:

  • Downtown
  • Plateau/ Mcgill “Ghetto”
  • Old Montreal

There are also areas to avoid:

Anything off the island!!!! We can’t stress this enough. Montreal is one of the only cities where big groups can affordably stay close to all the action. Don’t fuck up by booking a house that is in the following locations: Laval, West Island, South shore, East End, and Point St. Charles. If they say it’s only a 10-20 minute drive from downtown, AVOID it at all costs. Trust us.

A good rule of thumb: if it’s more than 2 miles away from Chez Paree Strip Club (central landmark) don’t book it. If you want a curated list of the best houses for a Montreal bachelor party, give us a call (877-690-4919). We have seen them all…

Do I want to book a house or a Hotel?

Overall, we recommend a house. They tend to be cheaper for bachelor parties and keep the fun all under one roof. However, if your group is boujee or everyone wants their own hotel room and all the amenities of a 4/5 star hotel, then by all means book one. Some of the best Montreal bachelor party hotels are The W, Sheraton, and William Grey.

What are the best Montreal bachelor party house rentals? 

Connected Montreal Bachelor Party House Rental, living room photo

While a house is definitely the way to go for big groups, there are some pitfalls to avoid.
The debaucherous nature of a bachelor party is a polarizing one. Most homeowners and their neighbors detest them. This makes finding a party-friendly bachelor pad harder than it seems. On top of all that, many booking sites such as Airbnb have started implementing no-party policies. 

Or the house you find might not be licensed by the city and could get shut down…

So how do I find a bachelor party-friendly House rental in Montreal?

Easy, give us a shout. We have seen and partied in pretty much every house rental in Montreal. In fact, we work directly with bachelor party-friendly homeowners to ensure you get the best house at the best price. We have vetted and tested all houses:

  • Multiple bedrooms and beds – No weird sleeping arrangements
  • Prime location – Within walking distance of all the action
  • Proper party amenities – Large living rooms, pool tables, bars, and more
  • No noisy homeowners – Party without the hassle of other people
  • Licensed properties – Very few houses in Montreal are actually licensed. Don’t have your party get shut down by the city (happens all the time and it really ruins the mood).

For our curated list of cheaper and better places than Airbnb/VRBO, contact us.

We’ve got houses for rent that are cheaper, better, and not going to be shut down. When you rent a bachelor pad through us, you know you’re getting a prime location with no awkward sleeping arrangements. Bring the after-party home in our super easy-to-rent places downtown Montreal. 

What are the best Montreal bachelor party activities for the daytime?

Montreal Skydiving

For a complete list of ideas check out our previous Montreal bachelor party ideas page. Here are some of the best things to fill time during the day:

  • Go-karting – Indoor tracks are great year-round, and they go way faster than you think.
  • Axe throwing – Throw some axes at stuff, what could go wrong…
  • Curling (fall/winter only) – The most Canadian and memorable bach party daytime activity out there. We can’t recommend it enough.
  • Golf – A few world-class courses close to downtown.
  • Paintball – Indoors and always a classic.
  • Jet boating/whitewater rafting – Highly recommended. Shake off that hangover by experiencing the rapids right on the edge of the city.
  • Pubcrawl/drinking – The gold standard. Let us arrange a drinks tour around town.
  • Sleeping in – If we did our job right, this will be the only option.

What are the best Montreal bachelor party nightlife options?

Let’s break this down to 4 key areas of nightlife: strip clubs, bars, nightclubs, and supper clubs.

Montreal strip club scene

Montreal Stripper at a Montreal Strip Club

Going to a strip club is always at the top of anyone’s Montreal bachelor party idea. Be sure to check out our complete guide on Montreal strip clubs.

Strip clubs in Montreal are better than anywhere else. They’re full touch (yes, you read that right) and all the strippers are 10s. They’re within walking distance to anywhere downtown and we can get you past the lines and into the best seats.

For more info, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Montreal Stripclubs in 2023.

Montreal Bars

Le Saint Bock Montreal Bar

Bar hopping is always a great idea when visiting Montreal. There is no shortage of cool places in town to grab some drinks with the crew. There is a bar for every taste from world-class brew pubs to dive bars to classy wine bars to a sports bar to catch the game. Some of the best areas for bar hopping are Crescent Street, St Laurent, and Mont-Royal.

For more info, be sure to check out our post on The Best Bars For Day Drinking In Old Montreal.

Montreal Night Clubs

New City Gas Montreal Event

While the best is subjective (trendy vs meat market), these are some of the top spots: Rouge, Ecole Prive, Apt 200, La Voute, New City Gas, and Muzique. Keep in mind everywhere in town has huge lines and prefers locals over tourists, so you may need a helping hand to get into the best nightclubs in Montreal.

For more info, be sure to check out our guide on Montreal Best Nightclubs.

Montreal Supper Clubs

Flyjin Montreal

Supper clubs are a Montreal institution. In fact, the best nightclub atmosphere is actually at the supper clubs. They’re always packed with beautiful women and all the services you could want.

So, what is a supper club? It’s a nightclub/restaurant where the dining room turns into a dance floor with great music and everyone pops bottles. You get a club atmosphere all night long and don’t need to wait for the sun to set.

We love supper clubs for bachelor parties because they kill two birds with one stone by offering a lively dinner with a crazy nightclub, all under one roof. This is ideal for a large group as it keeps the herding to a minimum.

Keep in mind bottle service is a MUST here and getting in or securing a good table no easy feat (unless you book with us). Some of the top dinner clubs in Montreal are La Voute, Bordelle, Soubois, 212, Farsides, and Yoko Luna.

Recommended Restaurants for a Montreal Bachelor Party

You’ll need to eat, and the food scene here is so amazing that you just can’t cheap out. Here are our best recommendations for grabbing a bite between activities.

Best Breakfast/Brunch Options

st viateur bagel
Image Source: St-Viateur Bagel & Cafe

Le Cartet – classy atmosphere and amazing food, especially when you’re trying to remember the night before. Not far from Old Montreal.

St-Viateur Bagel & Cafe – a less high-scale breakfast restaurant with amazing bagels and cheap eats.

Chez Jose – bagels, sandwiches, and everything you need in the morning.

Want something a little better than breakfast out? Check out our Legs and Eggs service – stunning women making you breakfast at home. Available exclusively through Connected.

Best Montreal Dinner Options

Gibbys Montreal
Image Source: Gibbys Montreal

212 – glorious supper club with the best food and women. Enjoy a classy dinner out and stay right there for the best nightclub experience available in the city.

Le Pois Penche– raw bar and outstanding drinks. A spectacular dinner menu and right in the heart of downtown.

Gibbys – Gibbys is a renowned steakhouse located in Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The restaurant is situated in a historic building, which was formerly a stable, and features charming old-world decor, including exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and a cozy fireplace. The menu is focused on high-quality steaks, seafood, and classic North American dishes, with a selection of over 20 different cuts of meat. Gibbys is known for its attentive service, warm ambiance, and a vast wine selection that complements the dishes perfectly.

Best Late Night Eats

Boustan Montreal
Image Source:

Boustan – a dirty shawarma dish for post-nightclub energy boosts. Walking distance from the best clubs and strip clubs.

Alto Restaurant – every student’s go-to place for a late-night burger. Cheesy, sloppy, and everything needed for a boy’s weekend. Great french fries.

Extracurricular Montreal bachelor party ideas and activities

SQDC Montreal

We know what you’re really looking for…

If you’re over 18, you can buy cannabis in Montreal – and that goes for all types and strains. Shops around here have everything you’ll need, from sativa to indica and hybrids, and enough to keep you all going, all weekend long.

Check out this field guide on getting high in Montreal for everything you need to know.

Why Connected Montreal should plan your next Montreal bachelor party?

So, why come to Connected Montreal for bachelor parties?

We’ve got the connection and expertise you need to make the weekend everything you want. We’ve personally tried and tested all the places we book and take you to, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

But we’re also different from the rest, we don’t just book, we know.

We get you past the lines, We get you in front of the best dancers. We show you what a good time actually looked like here. Discover Montreal in a new light with us.

Plus, even the press loves us. We’ve been featured in VICE, the Toronto Sun, EATER, and plenty of other well-known publications. They probably tone down how great of a party we really throw, though, for obvious legal reasons.

Interested in throwing a real bachelor party? Give us a call and we can make it happen.