The Ultimate Montreal Strip Clubs Guide

Why are Montreal strip clubs so popular?

strip clubs in Montreal

Montréal QC is known to have some of the greatest strip clubs in Canada. Tourists from all over flock to the downtown core to take in the local scene, usually for their bachelor parties.

One of the main appeals of strip clubs in Montreal is the contact dances in private booths. Unlike other destinations, the patrons here are allowed to touch the dancers in what the locals refer to as “full contact services” (which is more two-hand touch in reality).

From a cost perspective, dances and drinks are cheaper than at your typical strip club (a big bonus for the quality). Plus, you can’t beat the convenience of the downtown Montreal locations. There are a few on or right off of the town’s main drags, like Sainte Catherine street (Chez Paree, Club Downtown) and Saint Laurent boulevard (Kamasutra).

It’s easy to find a club location that works for your special events. All these factors make the sex appeal of coming to Montréal very high.

When is the best time to visit strip clubs in Montreal QC?

The best time for tourists to visit any of the clubs in the downtown core is spring and summer. The amazing weather acts as an added bonus to the fun trip.

However, you can also take advantage of the Montréal winters by having the full attention of the staff. It can be easier to book private tables and a private lounge during off-peak times.

What to know about Montreal QC strip clubs: The Basics

  • Open till 3 a.m., closed in the afternoon (you can call us for some afternoon action)
  • Every club is fully nude on stage and serves alcohol (no BYOB…)
  • Located downtown (most are off Sainte Catherine and Saint Laurent )
  • Smaller in size than in the US (seating 50-150 max, so more attention for each guest), but you’ll need help getting into a club during peak hours (that’s what we do…)
  • Lap dances are “full contact” and are private ($20-25 a song)
  • Busiest weekend: F1 Grand Prix

If you’re planning a night out in Montreal, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to visiting strip clubs. In fact, we recently published a post on this very topic that you might find helpful.

Check out our article on The Dos and Don’ts When it Comes to Montreal Strippers for some tips and insights.

With our connections, our guests receive a level of service that is otherwise unobtainable. You have more fun going to a strip club with us than anyone else.

  • You’ll be escorted into all the best full-contact strip clubs (everyone knows our names and faces, so expect some special events treatment)
  • Never pay a cover or have to tip any of the bouncers
  • Be introduced to all the best Montreal strippers and shielded from the worst (we personally know more than we care to admit, oops)
  • Set up with the best tables in the club(s)
  • Properly informed of all typical tourist scams
  • Get the best bang for your buck (seriously, the best)
  • You’ll be set up with bottle/champagne service
  • Have the option to throw the bachelor or any other poor soul on stage for embarrassment

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Why are Montreal strip clubs so popular?

Montreal is famous for its strip clubs. No trip to Montreal, especially any bachelor party, is complete without a visit to at least one. They are scattered throughout downtown, some are even next to churches – just to give you an example of Montreal’s liberal sexual attitude and culture.

Navigating this sea of silicone and sin alone can prove more frustrating than your lap dances. Luckily for you, we are the strip club scholars. We know where to go when you want to experience the night of your life.

Going to a strip club with Connected Montreal is an experience like no other. We have spent countless hours in the best strip clubs (all to hone our craft, of course).

We know more Montreal dancers than any other company out there, and we have the connections to make your night a memorable one. A visit to a strip club with us becomes a night to remember rather than one to regret.

We give you the inside scoop on what to expect as well as introduce you to all the right girls. We personally know the girls and socialize with only the best ones. The Montreal gals become way more friendly and genuine with our guests, making you a real VIP, not a sucker.

What’s the best-kept secret in Montreal?

Bring the party to you! Unlike other cities (Las Vegas, Miami, Scottsdale, etc..) it’s CHEAPER and better to go private and have the girls come to you. Connected Montreal brings the fun and insanity to you with some of our private stripper (not hooker) options.

Not only can we have some 10s do lap dances in your AirBnB to brighten any afternoon, but we have some unique experiences that only our connections allow.

You’re not like any other tourists when you part with us. You receive the best of the best.

Some of our highlights include:

Some of the biggest differences at Montreal strip clubs:

Size: there is no mega warehouse-sized club in Montreal. Most are pretty small, seating a maximum of 100-150 people and have no more than 40 girls working anytime. That’s more attention for each guest.

VIP rooms: there are no VIP rooms or champagne rooms in Montreal. The clubs have VIP sections, which are couches in the club’s main room. These VIPs are more comfortable and do attract attention.

Local beauties: most of the girls here are local. This is one of the best parts, since the women in Montreal have the beauty of a Boston 12 and the morals of a Philly 4… We apologize in advance if you love curves or Asian women.

Sitting at the stage (perverts row): You are allowed to sit at the stage and not tip. The girls go on stage to audition themselves for private dancing not to make money. No need to “make it rain” bills unless you want to look like a complete tourist.

How are they different from Vegas strip clubs?

The biggest difference is the size and cost. A club here is going to be a lot smaller and have fewer girls. However, it’s way cheaper and more accessible. You won’t get taken for a few thousand in a champagne room here (you’re welcome)…

For more info, check out why we think Montreal Strip Clubs Are Better Than Vegas Strip Clubs

Complete list of clubs in Montreal

Here is a list of all the spots in Montreal. Note: a few famous spots have not survived the pandemic (noted here).


3580 Saint Dominique St., Montreal, Quebec H2X 2X4

Source: Kamasutra

A luxury gentleman’s club with hot, hot girls and a timeless atmosphere. You’ll find a wide range of offerings and all the action you could hope for (plus more?). Great for cheap shots.

  • Evenings only
  • Contact Lap Dances – 25$ per song
  • $10 shots
  • Lesbian show in VIP Booth – 25$ per girl per song. (50$ total a song)


1258 Stanley St, Montreal, Quebec H3B 2S7

Source: Chez Paree

Contact dances, VIP tables, and right in the centre of downtown. Walk to the club and enjoy the night of nights that so many wish for.

  • Entrance to the lap dance booths – 5$ each time you venture to the back.
  • Contact Lap Dances – 25$ per song
  • Non-Contact Lap dances – 20$ per song
  • Monday-Saturday open during the day (3 pm)


1310 Boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest

Source Club Wanda’s

Iconic. Class. Unforgettable. Need we say more?

  • Table Dance – $10 per song.
  • $60 / 30 Min
  • $120 / Hour
  • Restaurant / Outdoor Patio


1230 St Laurent Blvd

Source: Cafe Cleopatra

Stacked with themed dancers and women in costumes. Private booths and full contact dances for you and anyone else you can bear to share them with.


1417 St Laurent Blvd

Source: Cabaret Kingdom

Completely nude. All the services you could think of and all of them completely nude.


1200 Saint-Catherine St W

Source: Bar Downtown

A sophisticated atmosphere with one-on-one girl attention, right in the heart of downtown.

Strip clubs that closed down

Club Grand Prix (closed down)

Cabaret Les Amazones (closed down)

Solid Gold (closed/out of business)

Pink Paradise Laval (off the island, not in Montreal)

Bar Exxxotica (closed)

Super Sexe (burnt down, R.I.P.)

Super Contact (also burnt down)

The Ultimate Bachelor Experience

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The Montreal strip club scene has it all. And it’s not too late for us to help you plan a night you’ll never forget. Give us a call to plan out the bachelor party you’ve always imagined.