The Top 5 Montreal Myths Exposed

Every time I host a bachelor party from the United States, I find myself having to debunk these Montreal myths:

1. There’s an Underground City

[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]Our clients always ask “where is the underground city?” or “it must not be so bad here in the winter since a lot of the city is underground.” THERE IS NO UNDERGROUND CITY. There is, however, a large shopping mall that is underground and connects to several metro (subway) stops and office buildings. It is still very cold and hard here in the winter. Unless you want to do some shopping, the “underground city” is something you should avoid.

2. No One Speaks English

[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]Everyone in downtown Montreal speaks English as the city is truly bilingual. Having lived in Montreal for several years, I speak little to no French (yeah I know, shame on me). You will have no problems speaking English. Travel outside of Montreal (cue banjo music) and it’s another story.

3. It Is Cold All Year Round in Montreal

[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]The summer months (May to September) here are HOT and HUMID! Temperatures can reach the 90s. The winter here, however, is unbelievably cold. More on why the summer is great here.

4. Montrealers Dislike Americans

[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]Montrealers love Americans as long as you are respectful. Don’t act like a buffoon or give them something to take offense to (like chant “USA” when you are wasted) and you will be treated with the hospitality that Montreal is known for. A large portion of the Montreal economy is based on tourism from the U.S.

5. Drugs and Prostitution are Legal

[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]Wrong again: both are illegal (That will soon change…) This is probably one of the biggest Montreal myths. However, Montreal has a far more liberal view on both activities. One stroll down St. Catherine Street and you will quickly realize this.