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Top 5 Montreal Supper Clubs


Montreal’s restaurant and nightlife scene changes rapidly, sometimes as quick as one month to the next. Luckily, we know all things Montreal nightlife and keep a pulse on the scene at all times. All of these supper clubs are now closed, but check out an updated supper club list here for 2018.

What Are Supper Clubs?
Simply put, a supper club in Montreal is a restaurant that, later, turns into a club where everyone pops bottles at their tables. Some of the best clubs in Montreal are supper clubs. They tend to have the hottest staff and the best, most exclusive, clientele. A supper club is always a great bachelor party idea.

5. Wood 35
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Opened on Grand Prix a year a go to a crowd of basically nobody, Wood 35 is the newest supper club in Montreal. Over the past year, W00d 35 has gained some steam and it can be a lot of fun if you are under the age of 25.  They are located right next door to the famous Buonanotte, and can be a backup if the bouncers there don’t let you in. That just won’t happen if you’re with us.


4. Cavalli
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If you are in town on a Thursday and are over the age of 25, Cavalli is definitely the place to be. The men of the midlife crisis crowd slick back their remaining hair, line up their exotic cars right outside, and proceeds to hit on all of the desperate housewives at the bar. The staff is VERY attractive. The place focuses on drinks at the bar over bottle service, though the drink prices are a little higher than the usual. This makes Cavalli less of long-term investment and more of a stop over until you realize you can see ladies who still have their youth at a strip club, like Chez Paree, down the street.

3. Koko
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Located in the slick Opus Hotel, Koko was the hottest supper club in Montreal up until a month ago when their large outdoor patio was closed for the season. Partying indoors is still solid and while the crowds aren’t as plentiful as they once were, you won’t have to worry about standing in line outside.

2. Globe
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Up until now you have probably noticed that I have not mentioned the food component of any of the Montreal supper clubs. The simple reason is that the food hasn’t been worth writing about until now. The food at Globe is VERY good: they always have fantastic – and giant – seafood platters and they source the freshest and best ingredients of any of the supper clubs. Globe also has the best looking staff in all of Montreal. It is hands-down the place to be during F1 weekend, but you’d better bring your black card. The only down side to Globe is that Fridays can be hit-or-miss, but the Saturday crowd is reliably great.

1. Buonanotte
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Often imitated but never duplicated, Buonanotte is the original and best supper club in Montreal and has been around longer than some of the very pleasing staff.  Most clubs only last a few years, but Buonanotte – known simply as ‘Buona’ – has consistently been one of the best places to party year after year, regardless of the season. You definitely have a good chance of bumping into a celeb or two while partying the night away. The night-time scene is always intense and Buona is a great place to pickup. Getting in and getting a good table is no easy feat as they often tend to double book, so you need the right connections to get the best out of the place. Luckily we’ve thrown back more than a few Grappas with their managers over the years.

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