Topless Beer Pong: a great bachelor party activity

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Part of your duties as best man are to find some great bachelor party activities. This can be especially tough during the day in Montreal. Unlike Vegas or New York, there are no real pool parties or boozy brunches (Bagatelle).  This is why we always recommend some type of in-suite activity for your group. Topless beer pong is always a crowd pleaser.

Our latest “skin-o-vation” arises from seeing our groups always playing beer pong in their suite. While a great activity we thought we could do better.  Which is why we are offering  Topless Beer Pong!

Throw a frat inspired party that would make make the tri-lambs proud. What better bonding experience for your bachelor party than getting drunk in the afternoon with some topless local hotties.


Co-ed Intramural level :

2 lovely locals for 2 hours  – $800

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Pro Level:

4 girl tournament  with Referee.  – $2,000



  • Extra girls : $200/hour
  • Schwartz’s Catering $25/pp
  • Topless waitress  $225/hour
  • Official pong table – $50/afternoon
  • Nude pong – $MP
  • surprise lesbian show during closing ceremonies $600
  • Custom made trophy for the event  $100