Trip Review: Cram Two Crazy Nights into One


The following story is true and has been approved by all parties (except for the girls of course). We’d like to remind you that we would never disclose the activities of any of our past clients’ Montreal trip unless given permission.

This past weekend was my first one back in town hosting bachelor parties in Montreal (family emergency back in Boston). Rod went to Miami to watch the Patriots play the Dolphins and left me to hold down the fort. I was hoping to ease into the swing of things, but instead I had one of the most challenging and entertaining nights that I can remember.

The Bachelor Party

[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]The best man, Alfred, sent me an e-mail, pictured on the right, few months back inquiring about our service. While Alfred’s initial plan was ambitious, it was easy for us to put it together after talking on the phone. I felt that some of the items requested would be redundant (legs and eggs and 2 more shows) or not very cost effective given his budget (car service the entire weekend). I created a custom package that was within their budget and their expectations. A week or two later, Alfred called and said that the trip was now down from 8 to 4 guys (this happens often), so we had to further modify our offerings.

The Call

Friday afternoon I get a call from Alfred in a bit of a panic, an hour before we are to meet. The bachelor has an emergency and basically has to be on a flight first thing saturday morning! Alfred requested that we condense the entire trip into one night. While he threw me a curve ball, I was certain I could still knock it out of the park. Although, I had to act fast.

Revised Plan:

  • Drinks and show at the suite
  • Dinner at Buona Notte
  • Strip club after dinner with VIP couch and bottle service
  • Back to Buona Notte with another bottle

How It All Went Down

While it took a lot of last-minute calls and major favours (basically bumping other people for me), I got all of their reservations changed and still ensured they had the best tables.

The show was a success. That’s all I can say.

[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]Dinner went off without a hitch. After dinner, I walked the guys over to the strip club, Kamasutra. It’s always interesting to return to Kamastura after a lengthy time away because you see which girls are now single and which ones gave birth to Oren Jr. while I was gone. The guys had the best VIP couch in the place and the girls were flowing, until at one point all the guys were covered in strippers.

Eventually, the guys wanted to try their hand at some civilians so we went back to Buona Notte. At this point, the line outside was insane. I pushed a path to the front of the line where the bouncer instantly lifted the rope and we were setup at a table with a bottle of Goose in a matter of minutes.[image_frame width=150 height=150 pattern=”dotted” align=”right”][/image_frame]

The guys decided to get real crazy and next thing i know, three beautiful waitresses bring over a bottle of Cristal Rosé ($1300) compliments of the bachelor. The bachelor pops the cork and starts spraying it like he won the NBA Finals.

Since one was not enough, we got a second bottle of Rosé. However, to the joy of everyone around us, this one was for drinking not spraying.

The rest was a blur but a success. Don’t take my word for it: