Where to Stay for a Montreal Bachelor Party

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If you are in the early stages of the planning process, then knowing where to stay for a Montreal bachelor party is crucial. Stay at the wrong place or in the wrong area and the entire trip can be ruined. Here is where to stay as well as where NOT to stay for a bachelor party in Montreal.

Stay Downtown!

Whenever we get a client that is not staying downtown, we truly wonder WTF they were thinking. Montreal is very centralized. Unlike Toronto or New York, almost everything is located in the downtown core. The hotels in Montreal are affordable so there is really no reason not stay in the city. If your friends are so cheap that they want to stay in Laval or Dorval, it’s then probably best you don’t bring them at all.

Stay at a Hotel

Most of Montreal’s hotels tend to not be conducive to bachelor parties. If you all want to party together, get a large suite and some extra hotel rooms – that way everyone has their own room and there’s a good amount of bathrooms. Best of all, there is a maid to clean up God-knows-what the next day.

Stay At A Rental House

Staying at a rental house could be the best option for your bachelor party. Just make sure they are close to all the action. Whatever you do, don’t stay off the island, or risk having a lame bachelor party. Luckily for you, we have some incredible houses that are tailor made for bachelor parties and you don’t have to worry about a landlord or hotel kicking you out.

Don’t trust all the reviews

While the Hotel Coral Essex might have rave reviews online, it does not mean it is perfect for your bachelor party in Montreal. A lot of reviews online are written by people who had one bad experience or are the type of people that take the toiletries home with them. Also, not all the best reviewed hotels, such as the Lowes, are bachelor party friendly.

What Are the Best Districts to Stay in Downtown?

You want to:

  • Stay close to St. Laurent or Crescent street as they are the two main bar/club strips. The Sheraton is close to Crescent Street as well as St. Catherine Street.
  • Avoid St. Catherine Street EAST as it is the start of the Gay Village/crack-head central. St. Catherine runs through pretty much all of Montreal so it is important to know what part of the street you are on. East of St. Denis Street is a cultural experience that is best avoided.
  • Old Montreal is for couples and old people. There are some cool places to eat/drink there, but during the day it is VERY touristy. Unless of course, you want to take a horse and buggy ride with your friends…
  • Stay south of Mount Royal street.


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