Why a Female Host is a Terrible Bachelor Party Idea

We have recently seen a trend: females are starting to host bachelor parties in Montreal. This is a terrible bachelor party idea. Unless they are getting naked or serving you food/drinks (or both, in the case of our models), Females have no business at a bachelor party. Here is why:

The Dynamic Changes

Yes, we all have female friends who are “one of the guys”, but lets face it: throwing a female–let alone an attractive one–into the mix changes the group dynamic. It’s human nature: all of a sudden the conversation goes from “Do you think trannies give superior handjobs?” to “Why can’t I find a girl that loves Oprah as much as I do?” While you may be comfortable, the majority of guys won’t be. As the organizer, it’s your duty to keep the fun unfiltered.

Lacks Real Guy Knowledge

There are certain “grey areas” in a bachelor party regardless of the group. If you have a female as your host people may not ask the pressing questions they have in mind. This happens most often at a strip club where guys are curious about the limitations, but are too shy or embarrassed to ask. Next thing you know, your friend is being thrown out by the bouncers because he thought he could get more mileage in the back room. Within 2 minutes of going to a strip club, I usually get bombarded with questions about the limits set at Montreal strip clubs.

Kills the Spirit

A bachelor party in many ways is anti-woman. That is why none are ever invited along. You’re out with your friends for a weekend of degenerate mayhem before settling down, so why would you have a woman show you around? This can also change the group’s focus as inevitably, there will be one or two guys whose mission becomes picking up the female host and the douchebaggery escalates.

Doesn’t Help Your Game at the Clubs

This is the most common misconception. A female VIP host will not help you with the ladies. In fact, they can kill your game. A good host blends in at the club rather than calling attention to the fact that you hired someone to help you guys stand out. What if your host is unattractive? A better way to up your game at the clubs is to hire MULTIPLE HOT women to party with you, such as our Connected Models. But not just one: 20 guys and one hot girl looks like the start of a bad porno.